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Auto Accidents: Six Things You Don’t Want to Happen After Your Wreck

A motor vehicle crash is unpredictable. Impact exerts incredible force on the vehicles involved as well as the people sitting inside them. All good sense goes right out the window in the heady seconds following the wreck. Drivers and passengers alike could make key...

The End of Left Turn Jughandles in New Jersey?

For the first time in a decade, a bill (NJ bill no. 309) was put in front of the New Jersey State Senate this week proposes that the state place a ban on the construction of new jughandles from being built on any road, including highways.  State Senator James...

How to Get Points Off Your New Jersey Driver’s License

In New Jersey, having points on your license can lead to insurance surcharges (at six points) and the suspension of your driving privileges (at twelve points). You should know how many points have been assigned against you, but can also check by requesting a...

How to Get Points Off Your License in New Jersey – Driving Courses

In New Jersey, drivers who want to remove points from the license or have to complete a sentence related to a traffic offense can take programs to lessen the amount of points on their license and save them insurance costs and the possibility of state surcharge fees....

Handling Drug Possession and Criminal Cases in New Jersey

An experienced South Jersey criminal defense attorney For 19 years, Joseph A. Lombardo, Esq. has concentrated on defending against various drug charges as well as serious traffic offenses. Cases have included disorderly marijuana possession to first degree drug...

New Jersey Driver to be Sentenced on New Tougher Repeat DWI Law

A Monroe Township man is heading to jail for violating New Jersey’s recently stiffened repeat offender DUI law.  Robert Fredericks of Monroe Township, NJ plead guilty to driving with a suspended license.  His license had been suspended in...
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