531 Traffic Tickets in Two Months on New Jersey Rt. 534

There was an article that came out today citing the fact that police officers wrote 531 traffic tickets in 78 days on a small stretch of Route  534 in South Jersey.  The five cities included Glouchester Township, Lindenwold, Clementon, Berlin, and Pine Hill.  56 drivers were ticketed for driving with a suspended license and 53 drivers were given tickets for driving an unregistered vehicle.  Nine arrests were made for drug possession and other criminal traffic charges.  In addition, 109 drivers were let go with verbal warnings.

Police officers from each of the towns allocated officers to patrol their respective section of the road for about 4 hours each day.

Officials from Glouchester Township said in a statement that the organized campaign was about improving safety by using a highly visible police presence as a deterrant to drivers that might be inclined to speed or break laws along roadways in those towns.

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