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    Defendants facing charges in the Cape May Municipal Court should not take those charges lightly. Even convictions for minor crimes or offenses can be life-altering, so approach your case with care.

    If charges were recently filed against you in municipal court, you can turn to our lawyers to explain what the charges mean and what penalties they could carry. We can also make sure you are present at all scheduled court appearances at the Cape May Municipal Court, and start building your defense as soon as possible. If you were convicted of disorderly persons offenses in municipal court, we could  get those convictions appealed or expunged depending on the situation and when you were convicted.

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    How Our Cape May Attorneys Can Help You with a Case in Municipal Court

    When dealing with charges filed in municipal court, defendants can benefit from having our skilled attorneys in their corner. On top of explaining the charges you face, we can make sure you actively participate in your defense, appear at all necessary court dates, and are fully aware of all aspects of your case.

    Explaining Your Charges

    Many people assume that charges filed in municipal court are of little consequence. In reality, any conviction could come with repercussions, some more serious than what defendants might anticipate. For example, if you were arrested for driving under the influence in Cape May, your case might be tried in municipal court. Depending on your blood alcohol content at the time of arrest, we could  get your charges reduced or otherwise lessen the consequences. Defendants who automatically assume they can beat charges filed in municipal court might have difficulties doing so if they do not fully understand the charges filed against them. This could result in unnecessary jail time, fines, and other consequences that might have been avoidable.

    Informing You of Scheduled Court Appearances

    We can also help defendants stay updated on any mandatory court appearances. For instance, after an arrest, you might need to attend a bail hearing depending on the charges filed against you. In such cases, our lawyers can argue for your release without bail or get the judge to set bail at a reasonable amount. Because charges filed in municipal court are minor, defendants can typically return home while they await trial.

    The Cape May Municipal Court will then send you a summons informing you of your first court date. From that point on, our attorneys for a case in municipal court can keep track of your case’s schedule so that you do not miss any mandatory appearances. When defendants do not show up in court when required, judges could revoke bail.

    Preparing Your Defense

    We can start prepping a defense against charges filed in municipal court immediately in Cape May. After an arrest or citation, do not speak in depth with the police, no matter how confused you are by the situation. Instead, tell them you want to talk to your attorney.

    We can help defendants facing a wide variety of charges in municipal courts, from traffic violations to disorderly persons offenses. Cultivating a defense against such charges is important, as disorderly persons convictions could lead to six months in jail, even though there is often a presumption of non-incarceration for first-time offenders of low-level crimes in Cape May. A conviction for any offense, no matter how minor, could impact your ability to find work or housing in the future, so prioritizing your defense is crucial following an arrest.

    Getting Past Convictions Expunged

    If the Cape May Municipal Court convicted you of an offense or violation, you could  get that conviction expunged from your record. Similarly, if you were arrested and never charged or the charges were dropped, we can help you apply for expungement. Those convicted of disorderly persons offenses in Cape May must wait up to five years for expungement. Those with multiple disorderly persons convictions or criminal convictions might not get their records expunged in New Jersey.

    We can examine your criminal record and identify past charges, arrests, or convictions that are currently eligible for expungement. We can then help you proceed with applying for expungement, which you could do through municipal court in Cape May.

    Getting Convictions Appealed

    Our attorneys could  get a conviction from the Cape May Municipal Court appealed on your behalf. Following a conviction, our lawyers can review the trial to determine if the prosecution acted inappropriately, there were evidentiary issues, or there are other valid reasons to appeal your conviction..

    If viable, we can appeal your case to the New Jersey Superior Court. To do this, we must send a notice of appeal within 20 days of the conviction, citing our reasons for pursuing an appeal. We can also help you submit a transcript request to the Cape May Municipal Court for the transcript from your original trial.

    Where to Find Information About Your Case in Municipal Court in Cape May

    If you have charges pending against you in municipal court in Cape May, there are a few ways you can find out information about your case, namely by enlisting our attorneys.

    To find information about your case, you can go to the New Jersey Courts web case search. There, you can input your ticket number, complaint number, license number, or name to find current information about your case. That said, you should not have to rely on that method when our lawyers represent you, as we can regularly update you about the status of your case.

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