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    Family law issues can be some of the most painful and taxing issues that a person can go through.  Where emotions are running high and much is at stake, people are prone to making mistakes.  Mistakes in family law matters can have long reaching effects on both your financial and personal well-being.

    Family law attorneys are what will ultimately determine the outcome of your family law matter.  Whether you are seeking a prenuptial agreement ahead of your upcoming marriage, considering filing for divorce, or actively involved in divorce or custody proceedings, the attorneys by your side will be a determining factor in whether you are able to meet your needs.

    Therefore, it is critical that your case gets the attention of competent and experienced family law attorneys in New Jersey.  Joseph Lombardo and the Lombardo Law Group, LLC, are committed to ensuring your family law matter is resolved as smoothly as possible.  If you require the passionate advocacy of the respected attorneys at Lombardo Law Group, LLC, call us at (609) 445-4300.

    Divorce Proceedings in Atlantic City, NJ

    New Jersey allows a married couple to pursue either no-fault or fault-based divorces.  If a person files for a fault-based divorce in New Jersey, they are alleging to the court that they are seeking a divorce due to some misconduct of their spouse.  Fault for the purposes of divorce could include any of the following:

    • Adultery
    • Physical abuse or cruelty
    • Mental and emotional abuse or cruelty
    • Drug or alcohol abuse over a period of at least one year
    • Willful abandonment over a period of at least one year

    If a fault-based divorce proceeds to court, a New Jersey judge will consider evidence of fault in determining a reasonable amount for alimony payments.  If there are children involved, the hearings for fault-based divorces can be traumatic.

    Conversely, a no-fault divorce occurs when a married person files for divorce due to “irreconcilable differences,” which simply means that the couple is unable to cooperate within the bounds of marriage any longer.  Neither spouse is required to introduce evidence about the faults of the other in court.  There is no need to defend yourself against embarrassing public attacks about your past behavior.

    Regardless of whether the Complaint for Divorce is filed with fault included or not, the divorce will be granted, whether the other spouse is in favor of the divorce or not.  Prior to the hearing stage, the couple will have the opportunity to negotiate a fair settlement, which will include provisions for distribution of property, alimony, and custody if there are children involved.  Only if the two people are unable to reach an amenable settlement will the case proceed to a courtroom.  Even if the case goes to trial, there will still be opportunities down the road to reach a settlement.

    Other Types of Family Law Cases and Issues in New Jersey

    Regardless of what you are dealing with, the attorneys at Lombardo Law Group, LLC can make sure you are taken care of.  Use our years of family law experience to your benefit.  We will work hard to make sure you enjoy peace of mind.

    Child Support and Custody Hearings

    Custody hearings and other determinations regarding children can be the most difficult part of a divorce or separation process.  It is uncomfortable to have to argue for determination about the status of your child’s living arrangements or to ensure that you have the financial compensation you require to keep your child happy and healthy.

    Our dedicated family law attorneys can ensure that you get what you deserve with respect to your children.  We will be by your side through every phase of the process, from understanding the law and your options to filing briefs and documentation to the court.

    Prenuptial Agreements

    No one in the throes of an engagement wants to concern themselves with the possibility of a happy marriage not working out.  Trying to work the process yourselves can lead to stress and arguments during the already stressful period of time when you are planning your big day.

    If you are already married without a prenuptial agreement, there is no need to worry.  Our New Jersey marriage law attorneys can help you draft a postnuptial agreement, which functions the same way as a prenuptial agreement, and can even amend a prenuptial agreement if you and your spouse feel that you should make some changes.

    Achieving security for your future shouldn’t cost you serenity in the present.  Let the marriage law professionals at Lombardo Law Group, LLC, take care of the details so you can go back to planning your honeymoon.


    If you are seeking to adopt a baby in New Jersey, working with a New Jersey family lawyer can be important.  Our attorneys can walk you through all of the steps necessary in your adoption process so you can form the family you are looking to form.  Adoption requires many different rounds of checks, including home visits, so it is important to make sure that your paperwork, forms, and applications are all in order.  If your case requires you to appear in court, you should do so with an attorney at your side.

    Adoption cases can be very complex if they involve adopting a child out of an abusive home, taking custody from an ex-spouse, or adopting from another state or another country.  If you are seeking to adopt your stepchildren, this can actually be much simpler in many cases, especially if your spouse’s ex no longer has custody.

    Speak to an Experienced Atlantic City Family Law Attorney Today

    If you feel you may need any of the services listed above or want to learn more about the area of family law in New Jersey, you should speak to one of the many qualified and respected family law attorneys at Lombardo Law Group, LLC.  Call us today at (609) 445-4300.

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