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    What Is a Terroristic Threat Crime in Atlantic City, NJ?

    Making a “terroristic threat” consists of any verbal threat or threat stated in writing having the purpose of committing a crime of a violent nature. The nature of threats would include injuring or maiming a person and threatening to take a child against his/her will in the form of kidnapping.  A threat might also be in the form of threatening destruction to property in the form of fire or other damaging effects. A terroristic threat made in Atlantic City, New Jersey is considered a third-degree criminal offense and is subject to trial, conviction, and punishment.

    A terroristic threat in Atlantic City has to go beyond the realm of causing people to be concerned. The resulting action of a crime of terror must be that of having a definite purpose in mind and being of an irresponsible nature. The threat would have to be of a grave nature that puts people, property and places’ safety at risk.

    Alternate proof of intent of the accused may consist of the prosecutor showing proof that the offender acted in an irresponsible manner because he or she paid no attention to the danger or threat of terrorizing the victim or victims or of creating inconvenience to the victim or victims.

    Proving a Terroristic Threat in Atlantic City, New Jersey

    There must be a total of three components to a threat for it to be a terroristic offense in Atlantic City leading to a trial and conviction;

    • The first component; the threat has to be of an actual verbal or written threat of a violent crime.
    • The second component; the threat has to be with the resolve of carrying out a violent crime.
    • The third component; the threat has to have been made with the intent to threaten another person or persons, or the threat of a child kidnapping. The threat may also include the resolve to cause severe problems to the general public such as causing a building or a place of public gathering to be evacuated. The threat might also be to a municipal transportation system or establishment.

    Contact Our Attorney for Terroristic Threat Charges in Atlantic City

    In the world we live in now, charges such as these should be taken very seriously.  Individuals who have been charged should know that there are defenses that are available to you.  If you have been arrested and charged, you should contact the Atlantic City terroristic threat lawyers at Lombardo Law Group, LLC as early in the process as you can – immediately following an arrest if possible.  Joseph Lombardo is a former Municipal Prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney who can challenge evidence, the circumstances surrounding your arrest and the threats made, and work to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed.  Mr. Lombardo has been representing individuals arrested and charged with crimes in Atlantic City, NJ since 1993.  Contact him today by phone at (609) 445-4300 for a free, initial consultation.

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