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    Finding a personal injury attorney in Atlantic County isn’t tough – they’re everywhere. Finding a law firm with a proven record of success in obtaining their clients maximum settlement value? That’s harder to find. If you’re hurt due to someone else’s negligence, results matter, not pretty words and catchy slogans. You need help. You need it right this second. At the Law Offices of Joseph Lombardo, every client receives personalized attention from experienced attorneys. Your claim won’t be tossed onto an overworked paralegal’s desk and your name allowed to disappear in a sea of numbers. Haven’t you suffered enough?

    For a free, no obligation consultation with an Atlantic County personal injury lawyer to discuss your injuries and how we can help, call today at (609) 445-4300.

    Filing a Lawsuit for Accident Injuries in Atlantic County

    Whether your injuries stem from a motor vehicle accident or a slip-and-fall on an icy sidewalk, the pain remains the same. It hits you daily, never lets up. What you thought were just muscle strains worsened over time, and now you can’t even get out bed let alone play with your children or make it to work in the morning. With the bills piling up, how can you afford not to seek compensation for the damages you’ve incurred? As our client, here are just a few of the promises we can make to you:

    Contingency Based Service

    If you don’t get paid, we obviously didn’t do our job for you. We accept all personal injury cases on a contingency basis. We don’t recover any fees unless we win for you, that’s a promise.

    Experienced Accident Claim Attorneys

    We didn’t start handling accident claims last week. Our lawyers have worked in personal injury law for decades, and understand the methods necessary to secure the fullest compensation possible for our clients.

    Straight Answers from Day One

    Unreturned phone calls or complicated answers aren’t a part of the playbook at this firm. Our Atlantic County personal injury lawyers aren’t on a high horse, and treat every client with the dignity and respect they deserve. If we can help you, we’ll do everything in our power to do so.

    Contact Our Atlantic County Personal Injury Attorneys for a Free Consultation

    Your health is the most important component of your accident claim. Failing to seek medical attention for your injuries could cause the insurance company to deny your claim, alleging that your injuries are unrelated to the accident. Don’t worry. If you’re having difficulty finding medical attention, our legal team can assist you in finding doctors in your area to treat your injuries.

    The claims process can be complicated and confusing — that’s by design. The insurance companies like to play complex games to keep you from recovering the money damages owed to you. That won’t work with us. If you’re ready to take an aggressive stand, and claim the compensation that’s rightfully yours, call the Atlantic County personal injury lawyers at Lombardo Law Group, LLC today at (609) 445-4300.

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