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    Most jurisdictions use the term DUI, or Driving Under the Influence.  New Jersey happens to use the term DWI, which stands for Driving While Intoxicated.  While the language may be slightly different, DWI is just as serious as DUI.  A conviction could result in jail time, costly fines, long-lasting license suspension, and other unpleasant penalties such as mandatory alcohol counseling, community service, or installation of an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) in your car.  In the worst case scenario of  DWI which results in injury or even death, you could be looking at a felony.

    Many people incorrectly assume that because DWI is so commonplace, the charges are easy to defeat and may not even require an attorney.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Unfortunately for people facing these charges, New Jersey is notorious for its harsh DWI penalties — and where repeat offenses, aggravating factors, or death or injury are involved, those penalties become even worse if you are convicted.  If you have been charged with DWI in Winslow Township, you need to act fast to defend your liberty.

    Joseph Lombardo: Winslow Township DWI Defense Attorney

    Winslow Township DWI defense lawyer Joseph Lombardo is equipped with more than 20 years of experience defending the men and women of Camden County and New Jersey. When you work with Joseph Lombardo, you can feel confident that you will always be treated with respect, that you will be kept up to date about each development of your case, and that your legal rights will be aggressively protected.  Joseph Lombardo has won numerous victories in even complex and challenging DWI cases, including high BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) and prior convictions.

    To schedule your free legal consultation, call the law offices of Joseph Lombardo right away at (609) 445-4300.

    New Jersey DWI Penalties

    DWI is probably more common than you would guess.  According to the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report, there were 25,697 New Jersey DWI arrests made in 2012 alone.  Averaged out, that’s a rough total of 70 DWI arrests every day, or about one arrest every 20 minutes.

    In order to “crack down” on DWI in New Jersey, the courts frequently impose tough penalties on convicted offenders.  If a case involves aggravating factors, the penalties become even harsher. Common aggravating factors in DWI cases include:

    • Previous Offenses
    • Child Endangerment
    • High BAC
    • Driving with a Suspended License
    • Open Container Violations

    Thousands of Dollars in Fines

    If you are convicted of a first offense DWI in Winslow Township, you will be fined extensively.  The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission lists the following assorted fees for a first offense DWI:

    • $75 to Neighborhood Services Fund
    • $100 to AERF (Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund)
    • $100 to drunk driving fund
    • $230 IDRC (Intoxicated Driver Resource Center) fee
    • $250-$400 fine
    • $1,000 annual surcharge for 3 years ($3,000)

    Keep in mind, these are only the fees associated with a low BAC (greater than 0.08%, but less than 0.10%) and first offense.  If your BAC at the time of the DWI was 0.10% or greater, or if you are charged with a second offense, the fines increase.

    DWI Sentencing

    In addition to the hefty fees and fines, you may also receive a prison sentence.  The maximum terms include:

    • First Offense: 30 days
    • Second Offense: 90 days
    • Third Offense: 180 days

    DWI License Suspension

    A DWI conviction could result in your license being suspended for a period of months or years. This can have a dramatic negative impact on your mobility, leisure activities, and even employment. Maximum license suspensions include:

    • First Offense (BAC less than 0.10%): 3 months
    • First Offense (BAC 0.10% or greater): 1 year
    • Second Offense: 2 years
    • Third Offense: 10 years

    Related Offenses

    Several offenses related to DWI also come with their own penalties.  For example:

    • Open Container Violation (First Offense): $200 fine
    • Open Container Violation (Second Offense): $250 fine, 10 days of community service
    • Driving with a DUI Suspension: $500 fine with $750 surcharge, up to 90 days in prison, 2 year license suspension

    If you or someone you love has been charged with DWI in Winslow Township, there could be tough, expensive legal consequences.  You need an experienced New Jersey DWI lawyer in your corner.  Call the law offices of Joseph Lombardo at (609) 445-4300, or contact us online.  Our consultations will always be confidential, and your first consultation comes free of charge.

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