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    You might need to appear at the Haddon Heights Municipal Court for a minor criminal offense, but you should still take the situation seriously. A conviction for even a low-level offense that could impact your life for years to come.

    If you have a case in municipal court, our lawyers can help you defend against it. We can explain what charges you are facing and what penalties are typically assessed for it. Our team will ensure that you are aware and present at your court appearances and prepare you for what you will be asked. With our help, you stand a good chance of avoiding the worst penalties the municipal court can levy. Some municipal court convictions can result in jail time, but we can negotiate with the prosecution to try and reduce these charges to a lesser offense. Our lawyers will also be prepared to appeal your case if the municipal court goes against you.

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    Cases Heard in the Haddon Heights Municipal Court

    The municipal courts in Haddon Heights typically hear cases for many kinds of minor offenses. These include traffic violations, local ordinance offenses, and disorderly persons offenses. While these offenses are minor, some can result in jail time. Fortunately, our attorneys for cases in municipal court can help your defense and potentially avoid the worst penalties. Mostly, we help our clients with a variety of traffic violations.

    Arguably, the majority of cases heard in Haddon Heights’ municipal courts are for traffic offenses. Some cases, like speeding tickets and parking violations, are not too stressful since they usually only result in fines. With our attorneys’ help, it might be possible to have these offenses dismissed. However, other cases are more serious, such as driving while intoxicated, and need a proper defense if you want to avoid harsh penalties.

    Our team can also help if you have been charged with a disorderly persons offense and have a summons to appear in municipal court. This might be for shoplifting, trespassing, or public intoxication. Most minor criminal offenses are dealt with in municipal court but can still result in jail time without the right defense.

    Some businesses and others have to fight ordinance violations in municipal court. These are lesser violations than disorderly persons offenses but can still result in up to 90 days in jail. Convictions usually also include fines of thousands of dollars and community service.

    Other more serious cases might begin in municipal court but are then later transferred to the Superior Court. This usually includes preliminary hearings for crimes like assault and robbery. Our attorneys can defend your case in the initial stages at the municipal court and continue to fight it if it gets transferred to another venue.

    How to Look Up Your Municipal Court Case in Haddon Heights

    If your case is pending in Haddon Heights’ municipal court, there are a couple of ways to check in on it. The best way is to work with our lawyers.

    If you want to check basic facts and updates about the case from the comfort of your home, you can also look it up on New Jersey Courts’ municipal court case search online. Your name is enough to do a search, but you can also provide your complaint or ticket number to narrow down the search.

    Still, the information presented online will never give you the full picture of what is happening with your case. Our attorneys work for you and will continually update you on efforts we have made with the prosecution to drop or reduce your charges.

    Still, the information presented online will never give you the full picture of what is happening with your case. Our attorneys work for you and will continually update you on efforts we have made with the prosecution to drop or reduce your charges.

    What Our Haddon Heights Attorneys Can Do for You in Your Municipal Court Case

    Some people underestimate the impact municipal court decisions can have on their lives. That is why you can greatly benefit from having our experienced attorneys on your side. Our team will not only help you thoroughly understand the charges and consequences you are facing but also make sure you actively have a hand in crafting your defense. If the court goes against you, we can help appeal the decision to another court.

    Help You Understand Your Charges

    As mentioned, most of the cases heard by the municipal court are minor, but that does not mean that cannot have serious consequences. If you do not understand the charges against you and how your prior criminal history plays a role, you could face difficulties you did not expect.

    For instance, if you were arrested for DWI, you might think you would only need to pay a fine and have your license suspended for a period of time. However, if this was not your first DWI or your blood alcohol level was far higher than the limit, you could have a hard time fighting the case. Our team will help you understand the potential consequences of your charges and how we might be able to reduce them.

    Keep You Informed of Court Appearances

    We will also keep you informed of all your court appearances and any other important developments in your case. In most cases, you will not wait in jail for a municipal court appearance because of the lesser degree of the charges. However, you will need to appear in court for a hearing, and in some cases, several.

    Most court appearances are mandatory for defendants in municipal court unless the judge orders otherwise. This means that if you miss a court date, a bench warrant could be issued for failing to appear. Our team will ensure that you are aware of when you need to be in court and prepare you for the appearance. We might also be able to arrange for another date with the court if you have a very good reason for not being there that day.

    Prepare Your Defense

    As soon as we have our first interview with you, our preparation for your defense begins. The first rule is to not speak about your case with anyone. This means law enforcement, family, or friends.

    Without the right defense, you could face the harshest penalties, which could affect you long into the future. Even convictions for low-level offenses can make it difficult to find housing, work, or get money for school. That is why starting your defense as soon after your arrest as possible is critical.

    Appeal Your Conviction

    If you are found guilty, our lawyers can appeal your case to the Superior Court. In some cases, the prosecution might have been allowed to use evidence that should have been excluded, or the judge made an error in interpreting the law.

    Once we have our reasons, we will need to file a notice of appeal within 20 days of your municipal court decision. Our team will also get the transcripts from the original case so we can submit them with our appeal filing.

    Our Haddon Heights Attorneys for a Case in Municipal Court Can Help with Yours Today

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