How to Get Points Off Your License in New Jersey – Driving Courses

In New Jersey, drivers who want to remove points from the license or have to complete a sentence related to a traffic offense can take programs to lessen the amount of points on their license and save them insurance costs and the possibility of state surcharge fees.

Driver Improvement Program

This program is often offered to drivers instead of a 30 day driver’s license suspension in cases where they have accrued between 12-14 points on their license in a two year time period.  The program costs $150 and when a driver completes the program, up to three points can be removed from their driver’s license.  That is a small price to pay if keeping those points puts you in danger of being over the threshold where you would incur state surcharges.  It should be noted that you can only receive a two point reduction once every five years.

Defensive Driving Program

A driver can get two points reduced from their driving record and often reduce their insurance costs by completing a defensive driving course.  However, it should be noted that an individual can only complete the defensive driving course once every five years.

Probationary Driver School Program

This program is for new drivers.  When an individual is granted a license permit, they are placed into a probationary driving period.  The probation period lasts for two years during which the new driver cannot, 1. be convicted of two (or more) moving traffic violations such as speeding; and 2. accrue four or more points on your license during that two year period.  If a driver does either of those things, they will be mandated to complete the probationary drier school program.  The class takes four hours and costs $150.  Upon completion, the driver gets three points taken off their license and is placed into a second one year probation period in which they cannot be convicted of another traffic violation.  If a traffic violation occurs during that time, the driver’s license will be suspended.

Locations of defensive driving classes in New Jersey and online classes

There aren’t many approved defensive driving providers throughout South Jersey.  Program providers are located in Hamilton, NJ, Wayne, NJ, Aberdeen, NJ, and Voorhees, NJ.  Classes can also be completed online.  For a full list of the names and locations of providers, please visit the New Jersey State Defense Driving website,

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