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I suffered damage during Hurricane Sandy. What steps should I take?

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, many of us are attempting to assess the damage to our homes, cars, and other belongings.  In order to ensure that you receive a fair and full coverage for the damage you sustained you need to start taking careful steps by...

Estimates show 70,000 New Jersey Homes Affected by Hurricane Sandy

The NJ Star Ledger is reporting in an article published today that aerial estimates of the damage from Hurricane Sandy are predicting that nearly 70,000 homes and businesses in New Jersey suffered damage as a result of the storm.  That number is expected to grow...

Free Beach Access Coming to the South Jersey Shore?

There was a request this week by New Jersey State Senator Mike Doherty to hear the possibility of a new law that would require free access to Jersey shore beaches that accept Federal Funds to rebuild from the effects of Hurricane Sandy.  According to,...

Where You Can Help in New Jersey Following Hurricane Sandy

As New Jersey continues the recovery effort in the weeks following Hurricane Sandy, there are ways that everyone can get involved, regardless of proximity to the affected areas.  There are volunteering opportunities as well as donation opportunities:...

What to Do if You Suffered an Injury as a Result of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Injury Claims If you were affected by Hurricane Sandy and have sustained injuries, lost a loved one, or have damages to your home that have made it so that you could not return, it might be in your best interest to contact an experienced personal injury...
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