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Throw it Out: Why No One Should Plead Guilty to DWI in New Jersey

Never plead guilty to driving while intoxicated in New Jersey – not now. Not after a recent complaint filed in New Jersey Superior Court has revealed the state’s widespread disregard of orders to maintain and improve its cache of breathalyzers,...

I've Received a DUI in New Jersey, What Can Happen to Me?

The State of Jersey has taken a strong stance against driving under the influence (DUI).   Even a first time DUI offense can carry severe penalties and fines.  A DUI charge can even result in restrictions on your liberty.  For a first time offense,...

DUI Sentencing Guidelines in New Jersey

How is the sentencing for DUI offenses determined? Sentencing for driving under the influence (DUI) is largely based on two factors.  The first factor is your blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  A police officer is easily able to determine your BAC using a...

New Jersey Driver to be Sentenced on New Tougher Repeat DWI Law

A Monroe Township man is heading to jail for violating New Jersey’s recently stiffened repeat offender DUI law.  Robert Fredericks of Monroe Township, NJ plead guilty to driving with a suspended license.  His license had been suspended in...
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