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How to Get Something Expunged? Sealing Juvenile Records

Are Juvenile Records Sealed? Often the answer is no – especially if you or a child are arrested for a serious offense or even felony charges. A conviction is a tough experience for both the offender and family. Teenagers make mistakes and often find...

The End of Left Turn Jughandles in New Jersey?

For the first time in a decade, a bill (NJ bill no. 309) was put in front of the New Jersey State Senate this week proposes that the state place a ban on the construction of new jughandles from being built on any road, including highways.  State Senator James...

How Common are Shoulder Injuries?

Shoulder injuries are extremely common in the active person, but sports and car crashes aren’t the only culprits in painful shoulder injuries:  falling, mowing the lawn and scar tissue or stretched ligaments from previous injuries also contribute...

Does Winter Driving Lead to More Accidents? You Might be Suprised

Everyone knows that being behind the wheel of a car is dangerous when the snow is falling.  Slippery road surfaces, impaired vision from blustery winds and loss of tire traction all factor into the increased danger of driving that winter presents.  But have...

I've Received a DUI in New Jersey, What Can Happen to Me?

The State of Jersey has taken a strong stance against driving under the influence (DUI).   Even a first time DUI offense can carry severe penalties and fines.  A DUI charge can even result in restrictions on your liberty.  For a first time offense,...

Some Things to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Attorney in New Jersey

What should I look for in a criminal defense attorney? Hiring a criminal defense attorney can make a large difference in the outcome of your case if you are charged with a crime.  A defense attorney could make the difference between your charges being reduced or...
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