Who Can See an Expunged Criminal Record in New Jersey?

Getting your criminal record expunged can allow you to move on with your life and become a productive member of society. But, if you feel your past looming over you, it may make you feel better to learn who can see an expunged criminal record in New Jersey.

Generally, only a few entities can access a criminal record that’s been expunged. Your potential employer will likely not be able to see any indication of previous convictions, despite running a background check. Neither will your friends and family. However, if you want to pursue a job in corrections or law enforcement, your employer will likely see your expunged criminal record – though that might not affect your chance of getting the job. While expunged criminal records are sealed to the public, New Jersey courts can access them if you are arrested on future charges.

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Can My Employer See an Expunged Criminal Record in New Jersey?

If you’ve recently gone through the process of getting your criminal record expunged in New Jersey and are excited at the thought of applying for jobs in your desired field, you may pause with worry. Will your employer see your expunged criminal record? Well, you can relax, because it’s not very likely.

When a criminal record is expunged in New Jersey, it’s almost like it never happened. Any court documents or records of charges are sealed from the public. If you choose to work for a retailer or restaurant, or even if you want to take a nice office job, chances are your employer won’t see your expunged criminal record.

When it comes to a background check your employer might run, expunged records are nonexistent. Even if your employer conducts a background check through New Jersey State Police or even the FBI, they won’t see a result.

Getting an Egg Harbor Township expungement attorney is worth it for this reason alone. Past mistakes or convictions won’t impact your chances of getting your dream job, as your employer won’t have any clue of your history once your record is expunged.

Furthermore, you don’t have to disclose expungement to a potential employer. Remember, your previous conviction is essentially nonexistent. This allows you to pursue your desired career without worrying about stigma based on previous convictions.

Can New Jersey Government Agencies See My Expunged Criminal Record?

While the average employer can’t access expunged criminal records, nor can they become aware of their existence through a background check, that doesn’t apply to all New Jersey employers. If you want to work for the government as a police officer or corrections officer, your potential employer may be able to see expunged criminal records. This is also true if you’d like to pursue a judicial career.

When New Jersey residents get their criminal records expunged, their history is sealed from the public. That being said, some potential employers, like government agencies, can see expunged criminal records. In fact, prospective police officers and correctional officers must disclose having an expunged criminal record when applying to a position.

The good news is expungement often acts as proof of rehabilitation. When your Hammonton, NJ expungement attorney does their job, it speaks to the fact that you have been rehabilitated since a previous conviction. Because of that fact, having an expunged criminal record doesn’t automatically disqualify you from certain government jobs. It does, however, mean that potential government employers will see your sealed records.

Can My Friends and Family See an Expunged Criminal Record?

If you’d rather keep your past criminal record private and have taken the time to get it expunged, you may be worried whether or not your friends and family can see it. The short answer is no, and if they do know about it, they cannot disclose it to potential employers.

If you have hired a Linwood, NJ expungement attorney and succeeded in getting your criminal record expunged, your friends and family won’t be able to see it by doing a simple online search. That being said, if a website published your criminal history or a news article about you when the case was of public record before expungement, that may be still available online. Depending on the site, you may be able to get information regarding your previous criminal history removed.

Friends and family also can’t get information from an employer-run background check without your consent. That being said, if your criminal record has been expunged, an employer’s background check will likely find no record of conviction anyway. Employers need written consent to perform a background check, so friends can’t use work resources to research your criminal history without your permission. If your record is expunged, they likely won’t learn anything anyway.

Your friends also cannot disclose your expunged criminal record to a prospective employer. In New Jersey, this is considered a disorderly persons offense and can result in fines.

If you’d like to keep your previous criminal record private, you can do so without worry. In all likelihood, your friends and family can’t see your expunged criminal record.

Can New Jersey Courts See an Expunged Criminal Record?

Remember, just because your criminal record is expunged doesn’t mean it just vanishes into thin air. If you are arrested in the future, New Jersey courts can access your expunged criminal record to help assess the current charges against you.

New Jersey courts always maintain access to expunged criminal records. While your record can’t be un-expunged, so to speak, a judge can review it if you are arrested on additional charges in the future.

That’s certainly something to keep in mind, especially if you’ve gone through the trouble of getting your criminal record expunged in the first place.

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