What to Expect When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Atlantic City, NJ

Typically, when you are contacting a personal injury attorney in Atlantic City, it is not under the best circumstances.  You may still be in the hospital or you may not be completely healed from your accident.  Expenses from medical bills can pile up fast and if you are forced to miss work, this can compound the issue.

When you first call a lawyer’s office, your call may be answered by a receptionist who will transfer your call to a lawyer, associate, or matter intake manager.  At our offices, you will always get to speak with Joseph Lombardo, the founding partner of the office. Mr. Lombardo will ask you about your injuries and the details of the accident which led to your injuries.  If there are immediate medical needs that your injury requires, this would be a good time to speak about them. Based on that initial conversation, Mr. Lombardo will make an assessment of your case and may schedule a consultation either in his office or on in which he comes to see you in your home or the hospital.  Mr. Lombardo will make every accommodation necessary with respect to your injuries or the orders that a doctor has given you.

Atlantic City personal injury lawyer Joseph Lombardo is here to explain what you should expect from our law offices when hiring a lawyer for your accident injury claim.

The Initial Legal Consultation and Getting to Know Your Case

When it comes time for your consultation for your Atlantic City personal injury claim, Mr. Lombardo will ask you to go into further detail about the details leading up to and following your injury.  Because facts can be difficult to remember and often accidents seem to occur so quickly, it is good to try and remember to bring any and all documents that are related to the accident and treatment of their injuries.  This can include hospital bills, accident reports from the police, pictures, any correspondence you have received from the insurance companies, and an original copy of any insurance policies.  We will walk you through each document and its importance in plain English and explain everything as thoroughly as possible.

Typically, Mr. Lombardo will ask you a number of questions in order to better understand the scenario leading up to the accident and your injuries.  Some of the questions Mr. Lombardo may ask you include:

  • Where did your accident or injury occur?
  • How long ago did your accident occur?
  • Did anyone receive a ticket or summons as a result of your accident?
  • Was there any equipment or premises that was involved in the accident which led to your injury?
  • Was a police report created?  If so, did you bring a copy with you?
  • Did you take photos of the car, product, or premises in which the accident occurred?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident and did you or anyone else get their contact information?
  • Do you have photos of your injuries immediately following the accident?
  • Has anyone from an insurance agency (yours, another, or both) contacted you?
  • If so, what did you say?
  • How are your bills being paid?
  • Have you had any medical procedures done to treat your injuries related to the accident?
  • Do you have those medical bills with you?
  • What medical procedures are still required for you to fully heal from your injuries?

Mr. Lombardo will also explain what you can expect leading up to your filing of a lawsuit.  He will also clearly explain what his fees will be.  In matters involving injury, you often will not pay for legal services until the case has been decided by a financial settlement or verdict.  Mr. Lombardo will walk you through and explain in plain English what the fee agreement entails.

Why You Should Hire an Atlantic City Injury Attorney to Fight for Damages You Deserve

It is often not in your best interest to deal with the insurance company directly.  They will often work to minimize the size of their payout.  It is most often the case that you can get more from an insurance company than they offer you regarding your injury and medical bills.

Often, there may be additional insurance to pay your medical bills or damages that were not aware of.  There are sometimes limits on insurance policies that when exceeded can be covered by another person or business owner’s additional coverage.  When you are represented by Lombardo Law Group, LLC, we will find these additional sources of insurance and work to get you a fairer financial arrangement.

There are also many circumstances, past and future, that play into what damages you deserve to be awarded.  We will consult with experts and prepare for trial if necessary to determine exactly what you will need to ensure that your medical and personal well being is ensured.  It is not uncommon for plaintiffs to get financial payouts that are many times more than what the insurance company’s initial offer was.  It should be noted that past outcomes do not guarantee the future success of any case.

What to Expect Once Your Personal Injury Case Is Prepared for Trial

When you hire Lombardo Law Group, LLC, our Atlantic City personal injury lawyers will obtain all police and medical records related to your accident, consult with experts, and hire any investigators necessary while we prepare your case for the potential of going to trial.  At the Law Offices of Joseph Lombardo, we believe that proper preparation for trial has the best chance of being settled favorably prior to trial, and when necessary, we go to trial for our clients and win.  We also make it our committed effort to keep our clients informed, whether or not there are any advances to report.  We understand that it can be a stressful and confusing time, and we are on your side to help.

It is unfortunate that sometimes, we are not able to take on cases.  Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding to accept a case, including conflicts of interest, limitations in the law, and time constraints regarding your injury.  When we are not able to take on your case, it does not always mean that you do not have a valid case.  We will do our best to make a referral to an experienced personal injury attorney who has tried cases related to the type of injury you have suffered.

Contact Our Atlantic City, NJ Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you have been injured in Atlantic City, New Jersey, please contact Joseph Lombardo today.  He will personally meet with you in a free initial consultation to go over your case, explain what to expect, and what the reasonable expectations are. Atlantic City personal injury lawyer Joseph Lombardo has tried to successful verdict many personal injury cases in most of the Counties of Southern New Jersey and has represented clients in matters related to car accidents, on the job injuries, construction accidents, brain injuries, spinal injuries, dog bites, fractures, burns, and injuries related to medical negligence.  We are confident that you will quickly realize the level of service that Mr. Lombardo provides his clients and why so many of them have become life long friends.

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