What Crimes Can Be Expunged from a Criminal Record in New Jersey?

Having a criminal record can hinder your success, even after you’ve served your time. If you want a clean slate and the life you deserve, you may be able to get your crimes expunged from your criminal record in New Jersey.

Only certain crimes can be expunged from one’s criminal record. For example, arrests with no convictions and many juvenile delinquency offenses are easily expunged. Only specific indictable offenses are expungable, as these crimes are often considered more severe. Depending on your convicted crime, you may have to wait several years after serving your sentence and probation to file for expungement. When that time comes, you should hire an experienced attorney who can help you file a successful petition for expungement.

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Which Crimes Be Expunged from Your Criminal Record in New Jersey?

If you were arrested and then subsequently convicted of a crime in New Jersey, you might be wondering whether or not you can get your crimes expunged from your criminal record. In many cases, doing so is possible with help from the right New Jersey attorney.

Arrests with No Convictions

Generally, New Jersey residents arrested but not convicted of a crime can get their arrest expunged from their criminal record. There’s no limit for how many arrests you can get expunged from your criminal record in New Jersey. There are also no reasons for arrest that prohibit residents from filing for expungement. Suppose you are arrested for a felony, misdemeanor, or juvenile drug offense but are not convicted of a crime. In that case, your Vineland, NJ expungement lawyer can get the arrest off of your criminal record.

Disorderly Persons Offenses

Suppose you are arrested for a disorderly persons offense, such as shoplifting or simple assault, and are subsequently convicted of the crime. In that case, you can likely get it expunged from your criminal record. That being said, New Jersey residents can only get up to two disorderly persons convictions expunged.

Indictable Criminal Offenses

Indicatable criminal offenses are generally more severe charges, so only one can be expunged from a New Jersey resident’s criminal record. That being said, not all indictable criminal offenses are expungable. If you’re unsure whether or not your conviction can be erased from your criminal record, reach out to our New Jersey expungement attorneys to learn more.

Juvenile Delinquency Offences

Generally, all juvenile delinquency offenses are eligible for expungement. If you have a criminal record from your youth, you can expunge as many convictions as you’d like. The catch is that juvenile delinquency charges that would not be eligible for expungement if the perpetrator was an adult are also ineligible for juveniles.

Juvenile Drug Offenses

Young New Jersey residents with criminal records relating to possession or use of controlled dangerous substances, like marijuana, have the opportunity to get their crimes expunged. There’s no limit to how many drug-related charges juvenile drug offenders can get expunged. However, it’s wise to reach out to a Hammonton, NJ expungement lawyer to ensure that your specific charge qualifies for erasure.

Ordinance Violations

Generally, there are no limits to how many ordinance violations a New Jersey resident can get expunged from their record. However, it’s important to note that unrelated crimes can affect a person’s ability to get unlimited ordinance violations expunged from their record. Ordinance violations can differ, depending on which New Jersey town you live in, but generally include littering, excessive noise, and public intoxication.

When Can You Get Your Crimes Expunged from Your New Jersey Criminal Record?

In New Jersey, those eligible for expungement can file a petition once they’ve served their time and after a certain number of years has passed. How soon you can get your crimes expunged from your criminal record will largely depend on the severity of a crime and whether or not you were convicted.

In New Jersey, individuals arrested but not convicted of a crime can file for expungement right away. There might be a six-month waiting period to file a petition for expungement if your lack of conviction was part of New Jersey’s Diversion Program, which can be used as an alternative to prison sentences for first-time offenders.

If you were convicted of a disorderly persons offense, you can file for expungement five years after you complete your sentence and probation. There are ways for those convicted of disorderly persons offenses to start the process within three years of serving their time, so ask your Linwood expungement attorney if that applies to you. There is a similar waiting period of five years for those convicted of juvenile delinquency offenses in New Jersey.

New Jersey residents with ordinance violations must abide by a two-year waiting period to file for expungement, while young drug offenders must only wait one year.

Those convicted of eligible indictable criminal offenses can file for expungement in New Jersey ten years after completing their sentence and probation.

How to Get Your Crimes Expunged from Your New Jersey Criminal Record

Getting your crimes expunged from your criminal record can wipe the slate clean, allowing you to move forward with your life positively. In order to succeed in expungement, it’s important to hire a skilled attorney.

Just because your crimes are eligible for expungement doesn’t mean your petition will be granted. You should hire an experienced lawyer skilled in getting New Jersey residents’ criminal records expunged. An attorney can file the proper forms with the court so that you have the best chance of being granted expungement.

During your expungement hearing in New Jersey, your attorney can prove to a judge that you have learned from your experience, served your time, and are prepared to be a positive member of society.

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