Can You Simply Pay Off a Warrant for Arrest in New Jersey?

Finding out you have a warrant for arrest is understandably concerning. The subject of the warrant might wonder if they can simply pay off the warrant to resolve the issue.

Unfortunately, you cannot pay off a warrant for arrest in New Jersey. Warrants are not like other law enforcement documents such as traffic tickets. The only way to deal with a warrant is to address the reasons for the arrest. You can get ahead of the problem by working with our criminal defense attorneys before turning yourself in.

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Can I Pay Off a Warrant for Arrest in New Jersey?

Most people have never had a warrant issued for their arrest, so they might be unfamiliar with what happens when this occurs and whether they can pay it off to resolve the matter. Unfortunately, warrants cannot be paid off to make them go away. They are not like traffic tickets or bills but are court orders intended to give law enforcement the legal power to take an individual into custody. While you cannot pay off a warrant for arrest in New Jersey, that does not mean there will not be costs that you will need to pay as you go through the criminal justice system. After being arrested on an active warrant, you will need to pay bail if granted to get out of jail while you await trial.

Arrest warrants in New Jersey should not be taken lightly. If you think that a simple fee or the payment of a fine will resolve your criminal case, it will not. If an arrest warrant was issued, it typically means there was enough evidence of a crime to support the warrant being ordered. Yes, you might be required to pay fines as a part of your sentence if convicted of the crime you were arrested for, but no amount of money will make your arrest warrant go away.

If you learn that you have a warrant for arrest issued for you, it is best to deal with it directly. If you have not been arrested yet, our criminal defense attorneys can help you prepare a defense before turning yourself in on the warrant. If you have already been arrested, we can help protect your rights and argue for the lowest bail amount possible. Our Cherry Hill criminal defense attorneys are ready to fight for you.

What Happens If I am Arrested for a New Jersey Warrant?

Being arrested after a warrant has been put out for you can be a harrowing experience. Because you cannot simply pay off the warrant like a common citation, you will need to go through the criminal justice process. Our criminal defense attorneys can represent you every step of the way to ensure your rights are preserved throughout the process.

After being arrested, you will go through the booking process, which includes being fingerprinted, getting your mugshot taken, and recording biographical information to confirm your identity. Depending on the crime you were arrested for, you might simply wait in a cell until seeing a bail judge, or the police might question you if the charges are more serious.

The first time you go to court after being arrested will typically be for your bail hearing in front of a judge. This is not a trial but an initial hearing to determine if bail should be granted for your release and set pretrial conditions if your release is granted. When determining whether to grant bail, the judge will evaluate whether the defendant is a danger to the community or a flight risk.

You might be worried that you cannot afford bail even if granted. Cash bail is still used in New Jersey, so it is likely you will only need to pay a small percentage of the bail amount or perhaps nothing at all if the least restrictive bail is granted. Unfortunately, there is no way to pay bail prior to being arrested as a way of dealing with your arrest warrant. However, our Linwood, NJ criminal defense attorneys can help argue for the lowest bail possible.

What Types of Warrants are Issued for Arrests in New Jersey?

Arrest warrants are issued in a few different ways and usually depend on where you are in the criminal justice process. The types of arrest warrant most people are familiar with are the standard arrest warrants issued for a suspect in a crime.

Arrest Warrants

After investigating a crime, the police will use the evidence to determine a suspect. If they have enough probable cause to support an arrest, a judge will approve a requested warrant for arrest. These warrants usually are meant for one particular suspect but can be very detailed. This is a procedural mechanism to ensure that innocent individuals are not falsely accused of a crime.

Bench Warrants

The other type of warrant that can be put out for your arrest is a bench warrant. These are typically issued after the defendant has already been arrested for a crime and is now in the hearings phase of their prosecution. Bench warrants are usually ordered by a judge when a defendant misses a court appearance or violates a specific court order. However, bench warrants are not considered as serious as the arrest warrants described above and are not usually treated with much immediacy. In most cases, law enforcement is not actively searching for the subjects of a bench warrant. Individuals are much more likely to be arrested for a bench warrant after being stopped for an unrelated crime, like being pulled over.

If you know you have a warrant out for your arrest, speak with our criminal defense attorneys about what steps to take next. Our team can investigate your charges to see whether the warrant was issued mistakenly. If the charges seem legitimate, we can help you prepare a defense with the best chance of securing your continued freedom. Regardless of which type of warrant you are arrested under, you will likely need to post bail. If you were already out on bail when arrested on a bench warrant, you might have your original bail revoked. Our Mays Landing criminal defense attorneys can help you deal with your warrant so that you can put this matter behind you for good.

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