When Do New Jersey Drug Charges Become Federal?

Drugs and controlled substances are a huge issue in New Jersey and the rest of the United States. There are various drug laws at both the state and federal levels. As such, a defendant may be charged federally for certain drug offenses.

The location of the alleged offense plays a significant role in determining how it is charged. The defendant might be federally charged if the supposed offenses involved numerous states. Even if the offense occurs within a single state, federal agents may assist state agencies, and the case could become a federal matter. In some cases, if the alleged offense is especially severe, federal officers may intervene, and your charges may become federal. Federal officers also often use informants to get information. When an informant faces federal charges, the people they inform on usually face federal charges.

If the right conditions are met, your case may become a federal issue, and the penalties may be harsher. Our Atlantic City criminal defense attorneys can help you get started. For a free case assessment, call the Lombardo Law Group, LLC at (609) 445-4300.

Federal Drug Charges in New Jersey Based on Location

Federal and state laws intermingle in many ways, one such way being location and jurisdiction. When a crime occurs in more than one state, it becomes difficult to determine which state has jurisdiction and authority over the matter. In such cases, the crime may be federally charged. Our Camden County criminal defense attorneys can help you if this sounds like your situation.

While some drug offenses are relatively small and happen quickly, others are larger and occur over time. For example, a single drug transaction might be charged in the state in which it occurred. However, if a defendant sells controlled substances in multiple states over time, they may be federally charged because their offense crossed state lines.

It is somewhat common for drug offenses to occur across several states. Defendants are often accused of obtaining controlled substances in one state, transporting them through other states, before finally selling them in another state. In other cases, single drug offenses are a part of a larger drug distribution ring covering multiple states. Basically, when the offense becomes too big for one state, it may be federally charged.

Federal Drug Charges in New Jersey from State and Federal Cooperation

Investigations into alleged drug offenses can be complex, time-consuming, and involve the cooperation of multiple law enforcement agencies. Since many drug offenses can be charged at the state and federal levels, it is not unusual for state and federal agencies to work together when investigating.

State and local agencies are often very familiar with the suspects being investigated and can provide valuable intel to the investigation. Federal agencies often have more resources that officers can draw upon to investigate. Depending on your circumstances, you might be arrested by a federal officer even though the alleged offense took place within a single state. In such cases, you can be federally charged.

If you believe you are under federal investigation for an alleged drug offense, you should immediately contact our Egg Harbor criminal defense lawyers. When federal officers are involved, there is a good chance you will face federal penalties if arrested.

Federal Drug Charges Based on the Severity of the Crimes in New Jersey

Drug offenses are prohibited by both state and federal law. This means that even if a drug offense does not cross state lines or involve federal officers, you can still be federally charged. Sometimes, the severity of the alleged offense is the determining factor when criminal charges are assessed.

Relatively minor controlled substance-related offenses are less likely to be federally prosecuted unless they are a part of some larger criminal operation. However, if a person is suspected of committing particularly severe offenses, they can be federally charged. For example, producing or manufacturing controlled substances is a serious offense but may not necessarily be a federal offense. However, suppose a defendant is allegedly producing controlled substances for a very large area, leading to increases in overall drug offenses across the state. In that case, they may be federally charged based on the severity of the offense.

Our New Jersey federal drug crime defense lawyers can help you if you are under criminal investigation and believe federal charges are possible. The sooner you speak with a lawyer, the better for your case.

How Informants Affect Federal Drug Charges in New Jersey

You have likely seen informants used in legal dramas on TV and in movies. An informant is someone also involved in suspected criminal activity who strikes a deal with law enforcement and prosecutors. Typically, the informant is guaranteed immunity from prosecution or a very generous plea agreement in exchange for incriminating information about other people involved in the criminal enterprise.

Informants are commonly used in drug-related investigations, especially at the federal level. If the informant who provided law enforcement with information leading to your arrest was being federally charged, your charges are likely to be federal as well. In many cases, informants’ charges will be upgraded to the federal level so that the people they inform on are also federally charged.

Information provided by informants is not always trustworthy. Many informants tell law enforcement what they want to hear to get out of criminal charges. This often means other people take the fall for crimes that have been greatly exaggerated or did not happen. Our Mays Landing criminal defense attorneys can help you if someone has made untrue statements to federal agents about your alleged involvement in a drug offense.

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If you are facing charges for drug-related offenses, our New Jersey federal drug crime defense lawyers can help you clear your name. Call the Lombardo Law Group, LLC at (609) 445-4300 for a free review of your case to get started.

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