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    Being stopped and charged with a DUI can be an overwhelming feeling. In many ways, it can seem like it’s you versus the rest of the world. You might have a list of worries concerning jail time, expensive fines or long term consequences resulting from a conviction on a permanent record. If there are associated crimes that you have been charged with in addition to driving under the influence, the penalties and outcome of your case can often be lessened by seeking the counsel of an experienced DUI attorney.

    I get asked often about what happens when you get a DUI.  In Hammonton, New Jersey, the consequences for being stopped and charged with DUI can range from being hit with a traffic violation to jail time and fines.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding your charges and your previous driving and criminal history, you could potentially face some very serious consequences.

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    What Can Happen if You Receive a DUI in Hammonton, NJ?

    In New Jersey, the terms “drunk driving”, “driving while intoxicated” (DWI) and “driving under the influence” (DUI) are the same. The laws and sentencing guidelines in New Jersey concerning individuals convicted of a DUI can be complicated, with many other laws coming into play depending on other situations that may be present. The State of New Jersey is notoriously tough on DWIs. For instance, some states allow what is called a “work program” allowing a limited driving license after a conviction. New Jersey does not. A conviction for DWI will typically result in a mandatory loss of a license. Therefore, it is more important in New Jersey than most places to seek the advice of an attorney on how to ensure your rights are protected.

    Initial penalties for first-time offenders hinge on their Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) during the incident. If the recorded BAC falls between 0.08% and 0.10%, individuals may face fines ranging from $250 to $400, coupled with a probable license suspension. Judicial discretion may also lead to the imposition of a prison sentence. For individuals registering a BAC exceeding 0.10%, the financial penalties can escalate to $300-$500. Alongside potential license suspension, there is the added prospect of an ignition interlock device installation.

    The repercussions for repeat offenders amplify considerably. A second DWI conviction in Hammonton can result in a 90-day prison sentence and fines ranging from $500 to $1000. Moreover, the suspension period for their license may extend from one to two years. Subsequent offenses carry even graver consequences, with fines surpassing $1,000 and the possibility of a six-month prison term for third and subsequent convictions. The severity of punishment is also underscored by the potential for license suspensions lasting up to eight years.

    If you were accused of driving drunk, then legal support may be crucial to mounting a successful defense in your case. After a free review of your case, our DUI/DWI defense lawyers will identify the appropriate course of action.

    Other Potential Consequences of Drunk Driving Charges in Hammonton, NJ

    In addition to the aforementioned criminal penalties, there are several other harmful consequences that may result from a DWI conviction. For instance, if you are accused of driving drunk, then you may be facing the following:

    Impact on Employment

    Beyond the immediate criminal penalties associated with a DWI charge in Hammonton, New Jersey, individuals may experience adverse effects on their employment. Employers often view DWI charges negatively, potentially resulting in job loss or hindrance in career progression. Professions that mandate a valid driver’s license may be particularly susceptible to the impact of such charges.

    Rising Insurance Premiums

    Conviction for DWI can lead to more than just legal consequences; it often triggers an increase in insurance premiums. Individuals with DWI convictions may be labeled as high-risk drivers by insurance companies, leading to elevated costs for coverage. This financial burden can persist for several years, creating a lasting impact on the individual’s financial well-being.

    Reputational Consequences

    The consequences of a DWI charge extend beyond the legal and financial realms, affecting both professional and personal reputations. Community members, colleagues, and acquaintances may form negative opinions, influencing relationships and social standing. Rebuilding trust and reputation becomes a challenging process that requires time and effort.

    Mandatory Alcohol Education Programs

    In certain instances, individuals convicted of DWI may be mandated to participate in alcohol education programs. These programs aim to address the underlying issues contributing to the offense, fostering awareness and responsible behavior. Completion of such programs is often a prerequisite for reinstating driving privileges, adding an educational component to the consequences of a DWI conviction.

    Impact on Personal Relationships

    Beyond the legal and financial repercussions, a DWI charge can strain personal relationships. Family members and friends may undergo emotional distress, and damaged relationships may necessitate dedicated time and effort for repair. Open communication and seeking support become crucial during this challenging period to mitigate the strain on personal connections.

    Defending Against Drunk Driving Charges in Hammonton, NJ

    Thankfully, there are multiple potential defenses to DWI charges. For example, any of the following may be utilized in your case:

    Challenging the Traffic Stop Legitimacy

    In Pennsauken, New Jersey, individuals facing DWI charges can explore various defense strategies to contest their cases. One possible approach involves questioning the legitimacy of the traffic stop. Contesting that the police officer lacked a valid reason for pulling you over is a viable defense. Law enforcement must have a reasonable suspicion of a law violation to initiate a traffic stop and conduct sobriety tests. If such suspicion is absent, the legality of the traffic stop can be challenged, potentially forming a strong foundation for your defense.

    Questioning the Accuracy of Field Sobriety Tests

    Another avenue for mounting a defense against a drunk driving accusation is challenging the accuracy of the field sobriety test. These tests, often subjective and influenced by external factors like weather conditions, may not always provide reliable indicators of intoxication. For instance, if a one-legged standing test is conducted, a defendant with a pre-existing knee injury affecting balance can dispute the accuracy of the results. Skilled legal representation can scrutinize the circumstances of your case to challenge the reliability of field sobriety tests.

    Contesting Faulty Breathalyzer Results

    Facing DWI charges in Pennsauken, individuals can also contest penalties by demonstrating issues with the breathalyzer test. Breathalyzers measure Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) by analyzing breath alcohol levels. Inaccurate results can stem from calibration errors, poor maintenance, or external substances interfering with readings. A strategic defense may involve proving that the breathalyzer used during the traffic stop was faulty due to calibration issues. Attorneys can investigate these details to build a compelling argument against a DWI conviction.

    Employing the Rising Blood Alcohol Defense

    An intricate defense strategy available to DWI defendants is the rising blood alcohol defense. Acknowledging that alcohol takes time to absorb into the bloodstream, this defense asserts that the BAC was legal at the time of driving but rose to an illegal level during the breathalyzer test. Establishing this defense requires comprehensive evidence, and legal professionals can assess the viability of this approach during a free case evaluation.

    Medical Conditions as a Defense

    Individuals facing DWI charges in Pennsauken may also defend themselves by citing certain medical conditions that mimic signs of intoxication. Conditions leading to symptoms such as slurred speech or impaired motor skills can be presented as an explanation for perceived impairment. This defense involves presenting a range of medical records and expert witness statements to support the assertion that medical conditions were misinterpreted as signs of intoxication.

    Protecting Miranda Rights

    Lastly, defendants have the option to contest a drunk driving charge by asserting a violation of Miranda rights. If law enforcement fails to inform individuals of their Miranda rights before questioning, any statements made during interrogation may be suppressed as evidence. Skilled DUI defense attorneys can investigate the circumstances of the case to determine if Miranda rights were indeed violated, providing a potential avenue for challenging the prosecution’s evidence.

    Common DWI Checkpoint Locations in Hammonton, NJ

    A DWI checkpoint is a predetermined location where law enforcement officers stop vehicles to assess drivers for signs of impairment, typically by conducting sobriety tests or breathalyzer examinations to ensure compliance with drunk driving laws. There are certain locations where these checkpoints are more likely to be established.

    Urban Centers

    Hammonton, New Jersey, sees the establishment of DWI checkpoints in various strategic locations, with urban centers being a prevalent choice. Downtown areas, characterized by a concentration of bars, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, often become targets for law enforcement. As the result of the heightened likelihood of alcohol consumption in these locales, checkpoints are set up to discourage and identify drivers potentially operating under the influence.

    Entertainment Districts

    Entertainment districts, encompassing theaters, concert venues, and sports arenas, emerge as key areas for DWI checkpoints. These districts draw large crowds, and the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages before or after events increases the potential for impaired driving. Recognizing the risks associated with patrons leaving these venues, law enforcement actively patrols these zones to ensure the safety of pedestrians and other drivers, making legal support essential if faced with a DWI charge in these entertainment-focused locations.

    Residential Proximity to Bars

    Residential neighborhoods in close proximity to bars and nightlife hubs become noteworthy locations for DWI stops. With individuals often choosing these areas for parking when visiting bars, law enforcement seizes opportunities to identify potential DWI offenders as they depart. This scenario is particularly pronounced during late-night hours when establishments close, emphasizing the need for vigilant legal representation in case of a DWI stop in residential vicinities near nightlife hubs.

    High-Volume Traffic Routes

    Certain major roads and highways connecting different parts of Hammonton are common sites for DWI checkpoints. These routes, frequented by a high volume of traffic, become targets for law enforcement due to the potential for erratic driving behavior, such as speeding or weaving, indicative of impaired driving. Seeking legal guidance from our DUI defense attorneys becomes crucial when navigating potential DWI stops on these well-traveled routes.

    Proximity to Public Events

    Public events like festivals and fairs draw large crowds, often featuring the ready availability of alcohol. Consequently, law enforcement strategically places checkpoints in the vicinity of these events to deter and apprehend potentially intoxicated drivers. Recognizing the heightened surveillance during such gatherings underscores the importance of legal support for individuals who may face DWI charges in the proximity of public events in Hammonton.

    Near Educational Institutions

    Lastly, a significant location for DWI checkpoints includes areas near educational institutions. College campuses or locations hosting school events can attract gatherings where alcohol consumption may occur. Law enforcement may establish checkpoints in these vicinities to address the potential for impaired driving among attendees.

    Importance of Hiring Our Legal Team After Being Arrested for Drunk Driving in Hammonton, NJ

    Lombardo Law Group, LLC has been representing drivers in New Jersey who have been charged with DUI, second offenses, and criminal charges related to driving under the influence since 1993.  Mr. Lombardo represents clients in Hammonton, NJ, as well as all of the other counties and townships within Southern New Jersey.  Mr. Lombardo is a former Municipal Court Prosecutor and can put his experience prosecuting individuals charged with driving under the influence to use in building the best defense against your arrest and charges.  If you have been stopped and processed regarding an incident where the police think that you were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, contact Joseph Lombardo today.  We are available 24 hours a day in case of an emergency and can make jail visits for a consultation.

    If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence, contact our traffic defense lawyers today.  We can step in immediately to challenge evidence, ensure that the circumstances surrounding your stop and arrest were legal, and fight to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.  Lombardo Law Group, LLC represents individuals charged with DWI in Hammonton, as well as every other township and county in Southern New Jersey.  Joseph Lombardo is a member of The National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (NAPIL) and has been representing individuals charged with DUI and in personal injury matters in Southern New Jersey since 1993.

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