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    Individuals charged with a crime in West Deptford Township could face serious consequences if convicted. If you have been charged with a crime, it is critical to begin preparing your defense as soon as possible.

    This is where our skilled criminal defense lawyers can help. Our team has years of experience defending clients’ rights in various types of criminal cases. Whether you are charged with a minor crime or facing serious allegations, you deserve a first-class defense.

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    Understanding How Criminal Charges are Classified in West Deptford Township

    Criminal charges can be confusing to those unfamiliar with the criminal justice system, as charges in West Deptford Township and throughout New Jersey are classified differently from most other states. Most states divide crimes into two categories: misdemeanors for lesser crimes and felonies for serious crimes. New Jersey also divides crimes into two classifications but instead uses the terms “disorderly persons offenses” and “indictable crimes.”

    Disorderly persons offenses represent crimes that carry less serious penalties if convicted in West Deptford Township. These offenses are comparable to misdemeanors in other states. Typical disorderly persons offenses include shoplifting, other thefts of less than $200, possession of small amounts of marijuana, and drug paraphernalia possession.

    If convicted of a disorderly persons offense, a defendant will likely be required to pay fines of up to $1,000 and could face up to six months in jail. Convictions will usually have other consequences since a disorderly persons offense will be on your criminal record.

    Indictable crimes are like felonies in other states and are charged for the most serious crimes. Common indictable crimes include homicide, drug distribution and manufacturing, sexual assault, robberies, and many other crimes.

    Convictions for indictable crimes typically include serious penalties. This can include years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Further, indictable crime convictions can have consequences long after paying your debt to society, as a conviction will affect certain rights like your ability to own a firearm or make it difficult to find a job or housing.

    Common Criminal Cases Our Lawyers Help Defend Against in West Deptford Township

    It can be an extremely stressful and difficult time for an individual charged with even a minor crime in West Deptford Township. Whether charged with a simple crime or a serious offense, you have rights that our criminal defense attorneys can help you defend. We can help you prepare the right defense for the crime you were charged with. The following are the most common cases that our firm handles in West Deptford Township:

    Assault Crimes

    Assault crimes are serious offenses that can carry significant penalties if convicted in West Deptford Township. You could face fines and jail time, depending on the circumstances of your case. If an assault case involves the use of a weapon, causes serious bodily harm, or was committed in the act of domestic violence, penalties typically include mandatory imprisonment. If the assault occurred with the use of a vehicle, vehicular assault can be charged, which carries much more serious penalties.

    Disorderly Persons Crimes

    As mentioned, disorderly persons crimes are comparable to misdemeanors in other states. Disorderly persons offenses include a wide range of relatively lesser charges, like petty thefts, simple assaults, disorderly conduct, harassment, and prostitution. In some cases, a person might only receive a citation and notice to appear in court without an arrest being made. In more serious cases, an individual could face fines and jail time.

    Drug Crimes

    Drug offenses are some of the most common charges that our criminal defense attorneys can help you fight. Drug crime charges ranging from possession to distribution, including drug trafficking, manufacturing, and conspiracy to distribute drugs. Drug offenses will vary based on the type of drug involved and the amount the defendant sells. Convictions for drug crimes can result in stiff punishments and long-term consequences for the accused, especially if it is not their first conviction.

    Illegal Weapons Crimes

    The possession of illegal weapons is a serious crime under New Jersey and federal laws. Because the proliferation of illegal weapons is a serious concern, defendants can receive harsh penalties even if it is their first offense. Illegal weapons charges could be for possessing an unlicensed firearm, concealing a weapon without a permit, possessing a gun if you already have a conviction for an indictable crime, or illegally purchasing a gun for another person (straw purchase).

    Also, defendants might not only be prosecuted in West Deptford Township, but they could also face federal weapons charges. This means an individual could be prosecuted for the same crime by the state and federal government, which could result in serving back-to-back prison sentences.

    Traffic Violations

    West Deptford Township is close to some of the busiest roads in the country, including I-95, I-78, and I-295. With so many drivers on the road at all hours of the day, it is no surprise that traffic violations are one of the most common types of crimes in West Deptford Township. Traffic violations can be as simple as speeding or driving with a suspended license or as serious as vehicular homicide if someone is killed while you are behind the wheel. In some cases, multiple traffic violations can be charged at once. Even minor traffic violations can have significant consequences in not dealt with promptly.

    Driving While Intoxicated

    Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a common offense in West Deptford Township. You can be charged with this offense if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) exceeds .08%. If convicted, you will face penalties that can include fines and jail time if it is not the first offense. In almost every case, the defendant will typically have their license suspended.

    Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence is any act of violence that occurs between family members, partners, roommates, or other people who are close to each other or cohabitate. This type of violence is not limited to physical attacks but also includes emotional, financial, and sexual abuse.

    Resisting Arrest

    Resisting arrest is when an individual intentionally hinders an attempt by police officers to make an arrest, whether or not the arrest is lawful. Even simple actions can be construed as resisting arrest, like pulling your hand away when being cuffed. This is why it is important to comply with the police’s directions. If the arrest was unlawful or excessive force was used to cause you to resist, the charges can be fought later in court.

    Our West Deptford Township Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

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