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    If you were charged with a crime in Washington Township, then you may be facing severe criminal penalties. Avoiding these penalties can be very difficult without support from competent legal representation.

    Our attorneys are prepared to offer guidance and support to defendants when navigating the criminal justice system. There are many different types of cases our team can handle. We will fight relentlessly for the accused to have their charges reduced or dismissed.

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    Different Types of Crimes You Can Be Charged with in Washington Township, NJ

    While some other states classify crimes as either “felonies” or “misdemeanors,” New Jersey uses different terms. Criminal offenses in New Jersey can be considered either “disorderly persons offenses” or “indictable crimes.” Disorderly persons offenses refer to lesser offenses like resisting arrest and shoplifting. Meanwhile, indictable crimes describe more serious offenses such as armed robbery and manslaughter.

    There are multiple types of disorderly persons offenses and indictable crimes. The following are the different types of criminal offenses you can be charged with in Washington Township:

    Petty Disorderly Persons Offenses

    A petty disorderly persons offense is the lowest level of criminal offense you can be assessed in New Jersey. Examples of petty disorderly persons offenses include harassment and disorderly conduct. Those who are convicted of such offenses can face a maximum sentence of 30 days and can be assessed fines of up to $500.

    Disorderly Persons Offenses

    Disorderly persons offenses describe a wide array of lower-level offenses. In other states, these types of offenses may be referred to as “misdemeanors.” Examples of disorderly persons offenses include simple assault, shoplifting, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Those who are charged with disorderly persons offenses can be punished with jail terms lasting up to six months and maximum fines of $1,000.

    While disorderly persons offenses are not treated as severely as indictable crimes, you should not dismiss an accusation of such an offense. The penalties associated with disorderly persons offenses are still very serious. You may avoid such penalties with help from our criminal defense attorneys.

    Fourth Degree Indictable Crimes

    Indictable crimes refer to more serious offenses that may constitute “felonies” in other states. Fourth degree indictable crimes describe the least severe classification of indictable crimes. Examples of fourth degree crimes include forgery, lewdness, and aggravated assault. A conviction for a fourth degree crime can carry with it a prison sentence of up to 18 months and a maximum fine of $10,000.

    Third Degree Indictable Crimes

    Third degree indictable crimes are more serious than fourth degree crimes. Some examples of offenses that constitute third degree crimes are aggravated assault that results in significant bodily injury, burglary, and endangering the welfare of a child. The penalties assessed for third degree indictable crimes can include prison sentences lasting between three and five years as well as fines reaching up to $15,000.

    Second Degree Indictable Crimes

    Second degree indictable crimes describe particularly serious offenses like armed robbery, aggravated arson, and vehicular homicide. The penalties associated with second degree crimes can be quite severe. If you are convicted of such an offense, then you may face between five to ten years in jail. Furthermore, you may be assessed a maximum fine of $150,000.

    First Degree Indictable Crimes

    Finally, first degree indictable crimes are the most severe types of offenses that you can be charged with in New Jersey. Examples of first degree crimes include armed robbery, murder, and aggravated sexual assault. When you are convicted of a first degree crime, you may be assessed a 10 to 20 year prison sentence. Furthermore, fines associated with first degree crimes can total up to $200,000.

    Are There Other Penalties You Can Face for Criminal Conduct in Washington Township, NJ?

    In addition to facing penalties such as fines and jail time, there are other ways that a conviction can affect your life. For instance, you can face the following consequences if you are charged with a crime in Washington Township:

    Losing Your Voting Rights

    Criminals cannot be permanently barred from voting in New Jersey. Still, you may be unable to vote while you are on parole, on probation, or in prison. Missing out on the chance to vote may be devastating to some defendants.

    Losing Your Ability to Carry a Firearm

    Also, convictions for certain criminal offenses can result in you losing your ability to carry a firearm. For example, those who have been convicted of domestic violence can be restricted from carrying guns. Such a penalty may be assessed even if the crime you are accused of was not committed while carrying a firearm.

    Inability to Find Employment

    Furthermore, if you have a criminal record, then you may have trouble finding employment. Most prospective employers will perform background checks before hiring applicants to certain positions. Unfortunately, these employers may be reluctant to hire people who have been convicted of crimes.

    Thankfully, defendants may have a chance to have their records sealed from public view. You can discuss with our legal team whether a record expungement may be available in your case.

    Inability to Find Housing

    Finally, you may also have trouble finding housing if you have a criminal record. Like prospective employers, banks and property owners may be reluctant to engage in dealings with people who have convictions in their past.

    When to Call a Lawyer After Being Arrested in Washington Township, NJ

    You should call our attorneys as soon as you can after being arrested in Washington Township. Anything you say when talking to the police may be used against you by prosecutors. Our legal team can help ensure that your rights are protected and prevent you from being taken advantage of.

    Criminal Defendants in Washington Township Can Call Our Law Firm for Assistance

    After being accused of a crime in Washington Township, get in touch with our experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Lombardo Law Group, LLC by calling (609) 445-4300.

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