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    A domestic violence charge can significantly disrupt your life in multiple ways. First, the issuance of a restraining order, often accompanying such charges, may limit contact with family members, including spouses and children, causing strain on relationships. Second, the potential for incarceration or legal proceedings can lead to financial burdens, affecting employment and personal well-being. Lastly, the societal stigma associated with domestic violence charges can substantially impact your reputation and further exacerbate your emotional upheaval.

    Thankfully, there are many ways to defend against domestic violence charges. Our team can help review your case to identify the appropriate course of action. Furthermore, we will fight to protect your rights and interests while navigating each step of the legal process.

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    Understanding Domestic Violence Charges in Voorhees, NJ

    Domestic violence encompasses a range of offenses rather than just a single charge. These offenses are outlined in N.J.S.A. § 2C:25-19(a). They include, but are not limited to, homicide, robbery, burglary, assault, kidnapping, sexual crimes, harassment, stalking, terroristic threatening, and other crimes like criminal mischief, trespass, or coercion.

    Also, if an individual has a history of domestic abuse and violates a protective order, they can face charges of contempt, which are considered domestic abuse charges. Moreover, committing any crime with the potential for causing death or serious bodily harm may lead to domestic abuse charges.

    It is essential to note that engaging in one of the aforementioned acts alone is not sufficient for it to be labeled domestic abuse. The act must be committed against a specific category of individuals, including anyone who is at least 18 years old or is an emancipated minor. The alleged victim must also have experienced abuse from a spouse, former spouse, household member, or someone with whom they share children.

    Fortunately, our domestic violence defense attorneys can offer crucial support to individuals facing such charges. We will help protect defendants’ rights during judicial processes and identify the most effective defenses for their cases.

    What is the Statute of Limitations for Domestic Violence in New Jersey?

    Statutes of limitations set forth deadlines for filing certain types of charges. In New Jersey, the time window to file domestic violence charges is governed by N.J.S.A. § 2C:1-6(b)(1).

    Accordingly, when it comes to domestic violence, there’s a typically five-year time limit for taking legal action. This means that actions beyond this period are generally not allowed unless the accused person has fled or is otherwise unavailable for prosecution, in which case the time limit is put on hold, or “tolled” under § 2C:1-6(f).

    Furthermore, according to § 2C:1-6(b)(4), If the victim was underage when the incident occurred, the time limit does not start until they turn 18. After that, they will then have five years or two years from discovering the offense, whichever comes later, to take legal action against the responsible party. For example, if someone remembers a childhood incident during a therapy session at age 30, they then have two years from that moment to file a complaint. It is also important to know that the time limit stops if the accused is already facing legal action in the state for the same conduct.

    Understanding these rules is important for anyone dealing with domestic violence charges in New Jersey. Thankfully, our legal professionals are prepared to explain how the statute of limitations may apply to your case.

    Protective Orders in Voorhees Domestic Violence Cases

    When facing domestic abuse complaints, individuals may encounter the issuance of temporary protective orders. These orders, also known as temporary restraining orders, can be granted by a judge without the presence or input of the accused in emergency cases but typically involve a hearing where both parties can present their perspectives. If granted, these orders mandate that the accused stay away not only from the alleged victim but also from their residence, workplace, and potentially other individuals in their lives. Defendants sharing children with the alleged victim may find themselves unable to see their kids without violating the order. Additionally, they might be required to leave their residence, even if they own it, and give up their firearms.

    In the event of a conviction for domestic abuse charges, a temporary protective order can be made permanent, significantly impacting the accused’s ability to interact with their partner or children without supervision mandated by the court.

    Potential Consequences of a Domestic Violence Charge in Voorhees, NJ

    Depending on the specifics of their arrests, defendants may face disorderly persons charges or more severe indictable crimes charges for domestic violence. Both types of charges carry the potential for prison time.

    The maximum sentence for a disorderly persons offense is six months, while a domestic violence charge that is classified as an indictable crime can result in up to 20 years of imprisonment. Beyond the immediate legal consequences, domestic violence convictions can also lead to restraining orders, significantly restricting defendants from seeing their families and children. Moreover, such convictions can make it challenging for the accused to secure safe housing and stable employment, while the mere allegations of domestic abuse can tarnish a person’s reputation and strain relationships.

    Importance of Hiring Our Lawyers to Help with Your Case in Voorhees, NJ

    When dealing with a domestic violence case, it’s crucial to have our legal team by your side. We will help explain the complexities involved in your case and will work tirelessly to protect your rights during the judicial process. Whether you are facing disorderly persons charges or more severe indictable crimes charges, our legal team can work to build your defense.

    We know the impact a domestic violence case can have on your life, from potential legal consequences to personal relationships. Choosing our legal representation means having advocates who not only fight for the best outcome in court but also provide support through the emotional challenges that come with these allegations.

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