Top Reasons Why Your Slip-and-Fall Accident Caused a Serious Injury

Tripping and falling down in a public place is embarrassing. The second it happens, you just want to be invisible, and you pray no one had a cell phone out to the film the crash. If you’re lucky enough to have someone to help you up, you may be quick to make an excuse for the incident – should’ve watched where you were going. The soreness happens immediately, but you dismiss it. You fell down; of course, you’re in a little pain right? Ignoring those early symptoms, and not telling anyone about the hazard that caused your fall, could leave you with a serious injury and no way to obtain rightful compensation for your damages after your slip-and-fall accident.

Falls Create Sudden Jarring Movements

When you walk, your steps create a unique rhythm. A sudden, unexpected movement like the kind that occurs in a slip-and-fall accident throws that rhythm off in a violent way. Your body can’t prepare itself for where the force of the fall might take your limbs. This can lead to ligament or tendon damage in sensitive areas, including knees, elbows and ankles. What might begin as soreness can quickly turn into an inability to use the affected limb. Without immediate medical help, surgical intervention could be in your future down the road.

Don’t Underestimate the Landing

A liquid spill sending your body airborne can do just as much damage as a low speed car accident. A fall from even a couple feet in the air can do significant damage because of the force it generates. You could easily break bones and tear muscle fibers despite not falling from a great height. If you feel that you’re hurt after a slip-and-fall accident, don’t try to get up immediately. Call for help and wait for them to arrive. Attempting to get to your feet right away could actually cause more damage and widen breaks or tears.

Blows to the Head

A concussion of a mild traumatic brain injury – emphasis on traumatic. Memory loss, sensitivity to light and an inability to function in large groups of people are all debilitating symptoms that can come with one. Hitting your head in a slip-and-fall accident is a real possibility, and one that could carry significant consequences without medical attention. A sudden, violent blow to the head might lead to bleeding inside the skull. Left unattended, that bleeding can starve the brain’s oxygen supply and lead to clotting, which can be fatal. There’s no such thing as “getting your bell rung.” If you hit your head in a slip-and-fall accident, you need to see a doctor.

If you fall in a business location, avoid signing paperwork presented to you by store management. These documents can contain tricky clauses that enable management to frame the incident in a way that makes them appear less liable for your injuries – that’s not in your best interests. Contact our personal injury lawyers in New Jersey today for free information about your rights and options to pursue compensation for your losses.

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