NJ Man Pleads Guilty to Theft of Jersey Shore Homes, Including Bon Jovi

A Toms River, New Jersey man agreed to a plea deal yesterday that will send him to prison for five years after pleading guilty to breaking into a string of four homes at the Jersey Shore.  Bon Jovi’s home was one of the homes hit.

Middletown police arrested Nicholas Tracy of Beachwood, NJ after he broke into four homes and stole more than 500k worth of personal items from the homes over the course of nearly two months from March-April of 2011.  The crime spree came to an end when Tracy was arrested on April 13, 2011 and charged with four counts of third degree burglury.  He was arrested mid-break in at another residence on Navesink River Road in Middletown.  Upon police responding to an alarm being tripped at the house, police found Tracy hiding in a third floor bathtub.

One of the houses Tracy hit just happened to be the home of New Jersey native Bon Jovi.  It was unclear if Bon Jovi’s house was specifically targeted because of the owner or not.  Court documents allege that as much as $100k in property was taken from Bon Jovi’s home.  Much of the stolen property was retrieved following a police investigation.

Tracy plead guilty to three of the counts of theft and admitted stealing more than 300k in stolen property.  He also admitted to receiving stolen property.  He still faces additional charges stemming from the other home break ins.  He was first arrested in conjunction with the Bon Jovi break in, but later arrested in the incident where he was found hiding in a third floor bathroom.  Police recovered property identified from the Bon Jovi break in when investigating the other string of robberies.

If you have been arrested and charged in New Jersey with theft or another crime

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