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    The experience of being arrested can be life-altering. In addition to facing criminal penalties, the accused have to deal with damaged reputations, impaired familial relationships, and unstable job security. It is difficult for most people to understand the type of emotional upheaval that causes.

    Our lawyers can provide guidance during the challenging time period after an arrest. Defendants can call our law firm for help reviewing their rights, evaluating evidence, and building their cases.

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    Crimes You Can Be Charged with in Millville, NJ

    When thinking about crimes you may be charged with, the terms “felony” and “misdemeanor” come to mind. These are popular terms used by many states to describe different types of crimes. However, in New Jersey, crimes will be referred to as “indictable crimes” and “disorderly persons offenses.”

    Indicatable crimes generally refer to crimes that would be considered felonies in other states. These are more serious offenses that range in degrees from fourth (least severe) to first (most severe). The penalties for indictable crimes can range from extensive fines and years of probation to long prison sentences.

    Disorderly persons offenses refer to offenses that are not “crimes.” These are still serious offenses but are considered lower-level offenses compared to indictable crimes. There is no right to indictment by a grand jury or right trial by jury for disorderly persons offenses.

    Nonetheless, the penalties for disorderly persons offenses should still not be taken lightly. Defendants who are charged with these crimes may have to serve probation, pay fines, and perform community service. Furthermore, for “petty” disorderly persons offenses – equivalent to infractions or minor offenses – you could serve up to 30 days in jail. For standard disorderly persons offenses, you may face a prison sentence of up to six months.

    Do You Still Need to Hire Legal Help if You Are Innocent?

    Even if you believe that you are innocent of the crime you have been charged with, you should still hire our criminal defense lawyers for help with your case. Unfortunately, many people are wrongfully convicted each year. A lot can go wrong in your criminal case that can make defending yourself a difficult process. Prosecutors can still present compelling cases even when the facts are in your favor. Our criminal defense lawyers will help ensure you are not taken advantage of.

    What Does it Mean When You Are Indicted in Millville, NJ?

    An indictment is a charging document that is issued by a grand jury. A grand jury is made up of 23 people who are selected to hear a case and determine if there is probable cause to believe a crime was committed and that the defendant was responsible. When a grand jury meets, they meet in private and hear a case presented by the prosecution. The defense does not present a case. If 12 of 23 grand jury members believe a crime was committed, then they will serve an indictment.

    If a grand jury chooses to indict a defendant in Millville, then their indictment is presented to the Assignment Judge of Cumberland County and the defendant will be scheduled for arraignment. At their arraignment, the defendant will plead guilty or not guilty and their case will proceed.

    Pretrial Intervention Program in Millville

    The Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) offers defendants who are charged with non-violent disorderly persons offenses the option to receive treatment and rehabilitative services rather than criminal penalties. For example, someone charged with minor drug offenses can enter rehab instead of facing drug offense penalties.

    Early rehabilitative services act to deter future criminal behavior. Furthermore, this program accounts for the cultural and economic conditions that often lead to defendants’ decisions to engage in criminal conduct.

    If the PTI is successfully completed, then the defendant will avoid creating a criminal record and may avoid the costs associated with defending themselves in court. Also, this program allows courts to devote resources to more serious criminals.

    What to Do After Being Arrested in Millville

    The process of being arrested can be traumatic. Still, it is important to keep your composure and take the following steps to protect your interests:

    Remain Silent

    One important thing you should do after being arrested is remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in court. You do not have to provide any statements to the police or answer any of their questions.

    Still, you should be polite with police officers and cooperate physically. Attempting to resist or escape an arrest could cause you to be charged with more serious crimes.

    Identify Officers Involved in Your Arrest

    Furthermore, you should attempt to identify the officers involved in your arrest if you can. Taking their names and badge numbers may be helpful for your defense.

    Seek Legal Representation

    Call our attorneys as quickly as you can after being arrested in Millville. You should have legal representation present before participating in any lineups, lie detector tests, blood samples, or investigations. Our lawyers will ensure that your rights are protected and that you are not tricked into offering any incriminating information. Our team will handle all correspondence with law enforcement officers and prosecutors while building your case.

    What is Plea Bargaining in a Criminal Case?

    Plea bargaining is a form of negotiation that occurs between defendants and prosecutors. During this negotiation, prosecutors may offer defendants the chance to plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for reduced criminal penalties. There are many reasons that defendants may enter into plea agreements. For example, a defendant may accept a plea offer in order to avoid the possibility of serving a prison sentence. Furthermore, a plea agreement may allow parties to steer clear of the time and costs associated with going to trial.

    Criminal Defendants in Millville Can Call Our Lawyers for Help

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