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    Because the roadways in Southern New Jersey are so heavily traveled and service so many important metropolitan areas, it has also become a point of interest for both criminal activity and concentrated law enforcement efforts.  In addition to the many drug possession and DWI arrests which take place on or near the Expressway, there are also numerous traffic violations.  Together, traffic congestion and a culture of aggressive driving lead to thousands of tickets and arrests on an annual basis.

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    The Risk of a Conviction in Haddonfield, NJ

    If you’ve been charged with committing a crime, the penalties if you are convicted could be extremely serious.  Misdemeanor offenses can lead to years in jail and thousands of dollars in restitution fines, and felonies come with even harsher consequences.  In addition to any fines, jail or prison time, license suspensions, and other penalties you may receive, you will also find yourself with a criminal record on file.  This could prevent you from being hired for certain jobs, or prevent you from seizing other valuable opportunities in the future.

    Even minor driving violations which do not carry a criminal status can have a significant negative impact on your finances, and ultimately, your mobility itself.  As “trivial” errors and violations accumulate, so do the points associated with your license.  If you receive enough points, you will be fined and could even lose your privilege to drive.

    A knowledgeable and aggressive attorney can assist you in fighting your ticket or criminal charges. Joseph Lombardo has more than 20 years of experience representing the people of New Jersey in a wide variety of case types, and will provide dedicated advocacy on your behalf.  When you need the support of a respected law firm with a history of achieving outstanding results, call the law offices of Joseph Lombardo.

    Getting Points on Your License for AC Expressway Traffic Violations

    Unfortunately, large and crowded transportation hubs like the Atlantic City Expressway tend to encourage driving tactics that aren’t always aligned with the rules of the road. Toll violations are also commonplace.

    The state of New Jersey assigns points to specific driving offenses.  If you receive 6 points within three years, you will be fined.  If you receive 12 points, your license can be suspended.  In either case, your insurance rates may increase.

    Some driving maneuvers on the Expressway which can put points on your license include:

    • Unlawful Use of Median (27:23-29): 2 points
    • Moving Against Traffic (27:23-29): 2 points
    • Improper Passing (27:23-29): 4 points
    • Reckless Driving (39:4-96): 5 points
    • Tailgating (39:4-89): 5 points

    Penalties for a DWI in Haddonfield

    In New Jersey, you can receive a DWI if you drive with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Level) of 0.08% or higher. “Feeling sober” simply does not matter in the eyes of the law.  Where drugs are suspected and BAC cannot be utilized, other means of chemical testing may be used in conjunction with testimony from police officers.

    If you are charged with DWI, some of the possible penalties include heavy fines, license suspension, and incarceration.  You may also be required to perform community service, receive alcohol counseling, or have an IID (Ignition Interlock Device) installed in your car.

    DWI Fines (BAC Greater Than 0.08%, Less Than 0.10%)

    • $250-$400 fine
    • $230 IDRC (Intoxicated Driver Resource Center) fee
    • $100 to drunk driving fund
    • $100 to AERF (Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund)
    • $3,000 surcharge (over 3 years)
    • $75 to Neighborhood Services Fund

    If your BAC meets or exceeds 0.10%, the fines increase.

    License Suspension

    • BAC Greater Than 0.08%, Less Than 0.10%: 3 months
    • BAC of 0.10% or Greater: up to 1 year


    • First Offense: 30 days
    • Second Offense: up to 90 days
    • Third Offense: up to 180 days

    Penalties for Refusing DWI Breath or Blood Test

    Because the Expressway serves Atlantic City, which is primarily known for its gambling and nightlife, many motorists are stopped and arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  If you refuse to submit to chemical testing at a sobriety checkpoint, you will be in violation of the state’s Implied Consent Law.  As a penalty, you can be fined with up to $1,000, and your license can be suspended for up months or even years.

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