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    You can face a wide range of harmful consequences for criminal behavior in New Jersey. For instance, those who are convicted of certain crimes can be assessed lengthy prison sentences and expensive fines. Furthermore, people with criminal records can face difficulties finding jobs, finding places to live, and exercising their rights to vote.

    Accordingly, you should have experienced legal representation by your side when defending against criminal charges. Our legal team can help navigate the justice system and fight to have your charges eliminated or reduced.

    Seek guidance from our experienced criminal defense lawyers at the Lombardo Law Group, LLC by dialing (609) 445-4300 for a free review of your case.

    Types of Cases Our Attorneys Can Handle in Cumberland County, NJ

    Our criminal defense lawyers can offer support to defendants in many types of cases. The following are all examples of the different cases our team can handle:

    Drug Crimes Cases

    There are a wide range of drug crimes that you can be charged with in New Jersey. For example, you may be accused of drug possession, drug distribution, or drug manufacturing. The consequences for these offenses can vary but are typically very serious.

    Assault Cases

    Defendants in New Jersey can be accused of either simple assault or aggravated assault. The penalties associated with either charge can be very different. Individuals who are charged with simple assault may be able to avoid spending time in jail. However, charges of aggravated assault are treated more seriously and are regularly met with prison sentences. The type of assault you are accused of will likely depend on whether you caused serious bodily injury or intended to cause serious bodily injury with your actions.

    Domestic Violence Cases

    You may be charged with domestic violence if you commit any form of violence, abuse, or cruelty against a household or family member. In addition to triggering the assessment of costly fines and a prison sentence, a conviction of domestic violence can produce far-reaching effects in your personal and professional life. Furthermore, domestic violence cases can be complicated and may involve troubling issues between family members. Accordingly, support from our legal team can be highly valuable when fighting a domestic violence charge in Cumberland County.

    Gun Crime Cases

    Gun crimes are treated very severely in New Jersey. There are several different types of gun crimes that you may face penalties for. For example, you can be charged with a crime for carrying a gun without being properly permitted. Furthermore, extra charges and penalties may be imposed if you used a weapon while committing another crime such as a robbery.

    Still, as of 2023, many of New Jersey’s laws pertaining to gun possession are in flux. If you were accused of a gun crime, then our team can review your case, analyze applicable laws, and identify your best possible defense.

    Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Cases

    Another common offense that defendants are charged with in Cumberland County is DWI. If operate your vehicle with a blood alcohol content above 0.08%, then you may be charged with DWI. A conviction for DWI can result in very serious consequences including fines, jail time, and even the suspension of your license. For each subsequent conviction of DWI, the penalties assessed against you will become more severe.

    Record Expungements

    Finally, our legal team may help defendants have their criminal records sealed from public view. A criminal record can impede your freedom in many ways. For example, prospective employers can be hesitant to hire an applicant with a prior conviction. Also, someone with a criminal record may have trouble securing a loan and applying for housing.

    Unfortunately, only certain crimes can be expunged from your record. Additionally, even if your record is expunged, that does not mean that your criminal history is entirely erased. Rather, certain parts of it will no longer be accessible by third parties who do not have access to police databases. Our team can review your case to determine if a record expungement may be available to you.

    What is the Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) in Cumberland County, NJ?

    PTI is a program that offers defendants, usually first-time offenders, an opportunity to avoid jail time in New Jersey. The program aims to deter participants from engaging in criminal conduct in the future.

    Those who partake in PTI will undergo supervisory treatment as an alternative to incarceration. Supervision under the program may last from one to three years. Those in the program will have to satisfy certain conditions. For instance, someone accepted into PTI may be asked to perform community service or participate in random urine monitoring. Furthermore, defendants in the program may have to complete various psychological evaluations or treatments.

    If you successfully complete PTI, then the original charges you were facing will be dismissed and you will avoid a conviction. However, if you do not successfully complete PTI, then you will be dismissed from the program and your case can proceed to trial.

    In most cases, only defendants who are charged with non-violent offenses will be let into the program. Furthermore, the program mostly comprises individuals who have been accused of third and fourth degree crimes. Still, in rare cases, prosecutors may allow those charged with first and second degree crimes to enter into PTI.

    Why You Should Hire Legal Representation After You Are Arrested in Cumberland County, NJ

    You should contact our attorneys immediately after being arrested and charged with a crime in Cumberland County. There are many ways that our team can assist with your case.

    For example, our attorneys can handle all communications with police officers and prosecutors. That way, you will not be intimidated, tricked, or taken advantage of. Furthermore, our team can lean on our substantial experience in the courtroom to identify the best strategies for your defense.

    Public defenders tend to be overloaded with cases and may be unable to give you the attention you deserve. Our team is prepared to offer thorough support during each stage of the judicial process.

    If You Were Charged with a Crime in Cumberland County, Our Attorneys Can Help

    Get help from our experienced criminal defense lawyers by calling the Lombardo Law Group, LLC today at (609) 445-4300.

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