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Being arrested and charged with domestic abuse can be a shocking experience for Hammonton residents. To reduce the impact such charges can have on your life, call a domestic abuse defense lawyer right away.

Call an attorney immediately if you are arrested for domestic abuse in Hammonton. An attorney can help you understand the charges against you and start planning your defense. In Hammonton, there must be a specific relationship between an alleged victim and an alleged perpetrator for domestic abuse charges to stand. If convicted, defendants may face years in prison and strained relationships with loved ones. Navigating domestic abuse charges can be an emotional, challenging process. Instead of going through it alone, hire an attorney to provide the support and experience necessary to clear your name.

If you were recently arrested for domestic abuse, reach out to an experienced attorney for help. For a free case evaluation with the Hammonton domestic abuse defense lawyers at the Lombardo Law Group, LLC, call today at (609) 418-4537.

When to Hire a Hammonton Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of or arrested for domestic abuse in Hammonton, hire an attorney right away. Domestic abuse charges can forever change your life, so it is important to act quickly. Do not speak to Hammonton police officers without an attorney present.

Immediately after being arrested on domestic abuse charges, call an attorney. This is essential, regardless of the circumstances that led to an arrest. It does not matter why, how, or when you were arrested. Once you have been arrested for domestic abuse or accused by a partner, there is no going back. This is often the case even if an accuser recants their statement. In Hammonton, it is the prosecution’s decision whether or not to move forward with domestic abuse charges, not an alleged victim’s. Unfortunately, some Hammonton residents may be unaware of this and think they will be released once tensions ease and police officers learn the truth. With this hope in mind, arrested individuals might not see the point in calling a lawyer.

Because neither you nor an alleged victim controls the situation after an arrest, it is crucial to call a Hammonton domestic abuse defense lawyer immediately. Do not speak to police officers or try to explain the situation. Let your attorney handle the next steps and compile the necessary evidence to get the charges against you dropped. Don’t wait to hire a lawyer in the hope that Hammonton law enforcement officials will come to their senses. Call an attorney immediately after being arrested for domestic abuse.

Criteria for Domestic Abuse Charges in Hammonton

In order to be charged and tried for domestic abuse in Hammonton, a defendant must meet certain criteria. Otherwise, the charges against you will not stand. An experienced Hammonton domestic abuse defense lawyer can help you understand the nuances of domestic abuse charges so that you can better appreciate your situation.

Only certain individuals can be charged and tried for domestic abuse in Hammonton. The first criterion is the relationship between the alleged perpetrator and the alleged victim. In New Jersey, a defendant must either be a family member or romantic partner of an alleged victim for the charges to potentially qualify as “domestic violence” or “domestic abuse” charges. In addition, any person under 18 cannot be charged with domestic violence in Hammonton, regardless of their relationship to an alleged victim. Instead, cases involving minors are commonly handled as child abuse cases.

Shockingly, you do not need to show signs of violence or even be accused of it to be arrested for domestic violence or abuse in Hammonton. If Hammonton police officers are called to your home because of a domestic disturbance call placed by neighbors or others, they might arrest you if they suspect domestic abuse. Should this happen, call an attorney right away. Your Hammonton defense attorney may be able to get the charges against you thrown out, especially if the circumstances of your arrest do not meet the necessary criteria of domestic abuse charges.

Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions in Hammonton

When facing criminal charges, defendants often think a potential prison sentence is the most severe consequence. While avoiding jail time is absolutely crucial, so is clearing your name for personal reasons. Domestic abuse charges can forever change a person’s life. Hiring an experienced attorney is crucial if you have been arrested for domestic abuse in Hammonton.

Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you might face disorderly persons charges or felony charges for domestic violence. A conviction for either charge might result in prison time. The maximum sentence for a disorderly persons offense in Hammonton is six months, while the maximum sentence for a felony domestic violence charge is 20 years.

Avoiding trial and a prison sentence is not only necessary to maintain your freedom, but your reputation. Domestic violence/abuse charges can lead to restraining orders, making it difficult for defendants to see their families and children. Criminal convictions can make it hard for Hammonton residents to find safe housing and reliable work. Whispers of domestic abuse can tarnish a person’s reputation. Allegations can cause them to lose relationships. A conviction can cause their life to change forever.

The prospect of facing a criminal trial may be overwhelming because of a potential prison sentence and the effect it may have on your reputation and relationships with loved ones. Hire a skilled domestic abuse defense attorney to avoid consequences for a crime you did not commit. Your attorney can support you through the emotional difficulties you may face due to such accusations and help clear your name of wrongdoing.

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If you were recently arrested for domestic abuse in Hammonton, our attorneys can help. For a free case evaluation with the Hammonton domestic abuse defense lawyers at the Lombardo Law Group, LLC, call today at (609) 418-4537.

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