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    Running late for an appointment is a part of life. Speeding is not the correct way to deal with it. Aside from creating dangerous conditions for all drivers on the road, speeding puts you at risk for the issuance of tickets that can incur fines, additional points on your license, and license suspension.

    Educate yourself on how to speak with police officers when they are issuing a speeding ticket so that you do what you can to lessen the penalties or even avoid the issuance of a ticket. If you are issued a speeding ticket, know that you should seek the assistance of a traffic ticket attorney immediately. Atlantic City speeding ticket attorney Joseph Lombardo can help you. Contact the Lombardo Law Group, LLC, by calling (609) 445-4300 to learn more about how he can help you fight a speeding ticket in Atlantic City today.

    Classification of New Jersey Traffic Ticket Offenses

    Speeding tickets that are issued in Atlantic City may be one of three tiers in NJ based on the number of miles per hour above the speed limit that the driver is driving. Tickets are issued differently if the driver is a nonresident of New Jersey.

    Speeding tickets in Atlantic City are issued based on the number of miles per hour above the speed limit at which the driver is driving. The least severe ticket is for drivers that are driving between 1 and 14 mph above the speed limit. This ticket results in the addition of 2 points to a driver’s license.

    Those who drive between 15 and 29 mph above the speed limit are issued a slightly more severe ticket, which results in the addition of 4 points to their license. The most severe ticket is issued to those driving more than 30 miles above the speed limit in any area, which results in the addition of 5 points to a driver’s license.

    Speeding Tickets for Nonresidents

    Most states in the United States (excluding Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, and Wisconsin) have enacted reciprocal exchange laws, meaning that speeding tickets that nonresidents of New Jersey receive while they are in Atlantic City will be transferred over to the state where they reside.

    Nonresidents of New Jersey will have to fulfill the terms of their traffic citations in the states they are a resident of; they can still face the possibility of license suspension in their own state. When dealing with a traffic ticket, most nonresidents will not need to appear in court; an Atlantic City traffic defense lawyer may appear in court on their behalf. Reciprocal exchange laws also mean that nonresidents of New Jersey have the same rights and privileges as residents, and are entitled to the same due process.

    Residents of Atlantic City, New Jersey that receive violations in other states will acquire 2 points on their licenses for all speeding. In fact, all traffic offenses in other states, regardless of the violation, result in the addition of 2 points to the offender’s license.

    What to Do While Being Issued A Speeding Ticket in Atlantic City

    It is beneficial to know how to behave while a police officer is issuing a speeding ticket; saying the right things can lessen the severity of the ticket of prevent the officer from issuing a ticket at all.

    Above all, make sure that you are polite to the officer while they are talking to you. It is not advised to try to argue or talk yourself out of a ticket. If you believe that you have a strong argument for why you shouldn’t receive a ticket, save it for court. It is also beneficial to know that you are allowed to politely ask the officer for a warning instead of a ticket.

    How an Atlantic City Speeding Ticket Attorney Can Help Protect You

    If you believe that the speeding ticket that was issued to you was issued unfairly, you have the opportunity to present a case for yourself during a scheduled date in court. Going to court instead of accepting the ticket will cost time and money, but depending on the penalties associated with the ticket, it may be worth it.

    If you do decide to fight a speeding ticket in court, you should seek the help of an attorney. An attorney will be able to help you parse the language on the ticket so that you understand the charge, then craft a defense that will help you avoid some or most of the penalties associated with the ticket. People who are going to court to fight their speeding tickets are not advised to try to represent themselves.

    When it comes to creating a defense for your speeding ticket, a lawyer can help you by looking into the circumstances surrounding the incident. For example, if something, such as a tree, was obstructing your view of a speed limit sign, the speeding ticket may not be applicable since you could not have been aware of the speed limit in that area. Speeding ticket attorneys are also well-versed in the radar and lasers that police officers use to determine the speeds at which motorists drive. If the radars and lasers did not follow the proper protocols for testing or if they were operated by an officer that was not properly trained in their use, then the speeding ticket might not stand in court.

    Atlantic City, NJ Speeding Ticket Attorney Available for Traffic Violation Cases

    Atlantic City speeding ticket attorney Joseph Lombardo can help you deal with speeding tickets that have been issued to you in the State of New Jersey. Get in touch with the Lombardo Law Group, LLC, today to find out how he can help you with your case. Call (609) 445-4300 for more information.

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