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NJ Traffic Violation Stop Leads to Deadly Police Shooting

On Tuesday, January 20, the Bridgeton Police Department released footage showing a routine New Jersey traffic violation stop that turned deadly.  As medical examiners continue to investigate the use of deadly force in Upper Deerfield resident Jerame Reid's death,...

Is it Time to Ban New Jersey's Red Light Cameras?

This isn't the first time we've written about New Jersey's ongoing red light camera fiasco. Between the felony bribery charges leveled at Redflex upper management in Chicago, a fired whistleblower's allegations that Redflex bribed officials in no fewer than 13 states...

Massive DWI Checkpoint Stops 193 Drivers After NJ Concert

DWI and DUI checkpoints are a subject of ongoing controversy.  Their proponents feel they are a perfectly reasonable safety measure which curb fatalities and boost road safety.  Their detractors say they are invasive, unnecessary, and downright unconstitutional.  But,...

Red Light Camera Ticket in New Jersey? You Could Be Refunded

It seems like a new technological innovation debuts just about every day.  While some of these debuts are received with joy and delight (finally, the perfect smartphone app!) others are met with groans of dismay.  For most people, red light cameras fall into the...

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