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    Domestic abuse cases can destroy the life of the person accused and those around them. If you have been charged with domestic abuse, you do not need to face the storm alone.

    Our domestic abuse attorneys can help you prepare a defense that is best suited to your situation. We will start by investigating the state’s case against you and see if you have been correctly charged. If the alleged victim is not a family member or someone you are in a domestic relationship with, your domestic abuse charges should be dismissed.

    If you are facing domestic abuse charges, our domestic abuse attorneys can help ensure your rights are protected. Call the Lombardo Law Group, LLC, at (609) 445-4300 for a free assessment of your case.

    What Constitutes Domestic Abuse in Evesham Township, NJ

    Domestic abuse charges can be earth-shattering and often turn the lives of the individuals involved upside down. Domestic abuse crimes are distinct and can be charged when someone commits a violent crime against someone close to them. However, the relationship between the defendant and the alleged victim matters. Domestic abuse can only be charged when the crime meets certain requirements. Our domestic abuse lawyers can review your case to determine if you were wrongly charged with the crime.

    To be charged with domestic abuse in Evesham Township, the alleged victim must be in a certain relationship status with the defendant, either a family member or the parties are involved romantically. If you were charged with domestic abuse, but the complaining witness is not related to you or was never in a relationship with you, your case should be dismissed.

    Further, a person cannot be charged with domestic abuse if they are younger than 18 years old. It is critical to review a case involving domestic abuse charges to determine if the charges were correctly made. While you still might need to deal with the underlying charges of a domestic abuse case, like assault, the domestic abuse charges should be dismissed if it does not meet the requirements above.

    In Evesham Township, the police do not need a warrant to arrest a suspect if they suspect domestic abuse. For instance, if law enforcement receives calls from concerned neighbors prompting a check-in from the police, they can decide at the scene whether an arrest for domestic abuse needs to be made. Our domestic abuse attorneys can help you fight accusations of abuse and get the charges against you dismissed.

    Penalties for Domestic Abuse Charges in Evesham Township, NJ

    Allegations of domestic abuse are very serious charges that can have significant consequences for the individual accused. In the most severe cases, penalties for domestic abuse can include long stays in prison. However, a conviction for domestic abuse will almost always have consequences that can change the defendant’s life.

    Restraining Orders

    At the very least, most domestic abuse cases in Evesham Township involve a restraining order against the person charged with abuse. When a person is arrested for domestic abuse, they will see a judge in an initial hearing. If the judge determines the alleged victim is unsafe, they can order a restraining or no-contact order against the alleged offender. This means the defendant will need to find an alternative living situation if they share a home with the complaining witness, regardless of whether bail was granted.

    Restraining orders can seriously impact your family and your relationships with them. While a restraining or no-contact order is in effect, you will likely not be able to see your family or children, or if you do, in a limited capacity. While a restraining order does not appear on your criminal record, it is still a public record, meaning that it could show up on a routine background check for a job, further impacting your life and the path it takes.

    Disorderly Person Charges

    Domestic abuse charges are rarely made alone. In many cases, the alleged offender will be charged with other crimes that could serve as the basis for a disorderly person charge. For instance, assault, robbery, or continued harassment could be charged in addition to domestic abuse.

    The penalty for a disorderly persons conviction can include jail time, potentially up to six months. In addition, defendants can be ordered by the court to get other forms of rehabilitation, like therapy or anger management.

    Felony Charges

    In the most serious domestic abuse cases, the defendant could be facing felony charges for domestic abuse. A felony conviction will have extreme consequences on a person’s life. Besides driving a further wedge between you and your family and damaging your reputation, a felony conviction can impact the type of work you are allowed to do, where you can live, and when you can see your children. For instance, if you worked in the security sector or your job required security clearance, you would likely lose your status with a felony conviction. A felony conviction can also impact your voting rights and ability to own a gun.

    Sentences for a felony domestic abuse conviction range depending on the crimes charged. For most felony convictions, prison is unavoidable. At the outer end, a person could spend up to 20 years in prison for a felony conviction. Our domestic abuse attorneys can help you build the right defense if felony charges are filed in your case.

    How to Defend Domestic Abuse Charges in Evesham Township, NJ

    The best way to defend against domestic abuse charges is by working with our experienced domestic abuse attorneys in Evesham Township. In some cases, the defendant might have been falsely accused. As such, there might be scant evidence of domestic abuse, but the prosecutor still decides to pursue the case. Our team can help you fight a weak case where the complaining witness might not even appear.

    The burden of proof is on the state to prove your guilt. If you had an alibi when the crime occurred or was acting in self-defense, our domestic abuse lawyers can help you gather evidence to build the strongest defense possible in your case.

    Our Evesham Township, NJ Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyers Can Help

    If you have recently been charged with domestic abuse in Evesham Township, our domestic abuse attorneys can help. For a free case evaluation, contact the Lombardo Law Group, LLC, today at (609) 445-4300.

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