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New Jersey Democrats Propose Tighter Gun Controls

Gun control is a seemingly inexhaustible source of debate in the United States, including the state of New Jersey.  In the past, we’ve blogged about personalized smart guns making headway in the Garden State, and as technology advances, so does the potential for revised and increased gun legislation.  In the latest development, some New Jersey Democrats are proposing tighter controls on gun magazine capacities in an effort to stem the seemingly endless tide of shootings and violence which has rocked the country in recent years.

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PA Joins NJ and CA in Criminalizing “Revenge Porn”

Relationships can end poorly, but not necessarily with verbal arguments or divorce.  Occasionally, an embittered ex-lover seeks revenge by posting decidedly private content on the internet for nonconsensual public consumption.  Until recently, only California and New Jersey had any legislation addressing the issue of “revenge porn.”  But with the January passage of a new bill, Pennsylvania has recently become the nation’s third state to make sharing “revenge porn” a criminal offense.

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Why is Camden Consistently Ranked #1 for Crime in America?

Camden suffers from one of the worst reputations in America. There are countless anecdotes about police officers urging drivers to rush through red lights to avoid being attacked, or blatant drug deals happening at gas stations in broad daylight. But there’s an even darker aspect of the city’s badly-tarnished image: Philadelphia’s waterfront neighbor consistently ranks number one for violent crime in America. What’s going on in Camden?

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Are Smart Guns Really That Smart?

Gun control is a controversial topic. On one side of the debate, some Americans feel that responsible gun ownership is a Constitutional right, and that beefing up gun control laws will limit normal citizens’ ability to protect themselves against criminals who will simply continue to buy guns illegally. On the other hand, there are those who fear that the country’s recent plague of mass shootings is a product of a system that repeatedly fails to monitor whose hands deadly weapons are falling into. Each state is handling the issue differently — and in New Jersey, the introduction of “smart guns” might be the next big thing.

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What are the Miranda Warnings?

Anyone who watches television shows about police and the law has heard the Miranda rights read to a suspect. The arresting officer will say something similar to, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.” Continue reading

Throw it Out: Why No One Should Plead Guilty to DWI in New Jersey

Never plead guilty to driving while intoxicated in New Jersey – not now. Not after a recent complaint filed in New Jersey Superior Court has revealed the state’s widespread disregard of orders to maintain and improve its cache of breathalyzers, specifically the Alcotest 7110. The devices are simply unreliable, and authorities have used evidence collected from them to convict hundreds, if not thousands, of drivers charged with DWI in New Jersey. There has never been a stronger defense against DWI in the state then at this time, and everyone facing this charge or something similar should read on for important details. Continue reading

Breathalyzers: Case Could Throw Out Hundreds of DWI Convictions in New Jersey

Breathalyzers are notoriously unreliable, the devices throw false readings with increasing regularity and put many drivers who would otherwise be operating their vehicles legally in the crosshairs of a costly DUI or DWI. It’s not remotely, what anyone would consider justice, and in New Jersey, it may cost authorities the use of their defective equipment.   A quasi-criminal action filed last year in the Supreme Court of New Jersey (Docket #72,341), seeks to hold the state accountable for at least doing what they said they were going to do with their breathalyzers, particularly the Alcotest 7110. Continue reading

Warrantless Blood Draws: How Supreme Court Ruling Affects DUI Cases in New Jersey

Authorities use the term ‘exigent circumstances’ to describe a situation necessitates a warrantless search and/or seizure of a suspect’s property, including their bodily fluids. This usually applies in emergencies when police know someone is in imminent danger of harm. Cops bust down doors without search warrants because waiting to do so could put someone’s life in jeopardy. In the wake of an important U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the definition of exigent circumstances as it applies to DUI stops may have changed forever. Continue reading

Mug Shot Websites: Guess Who’s Profiting From Your Mistake

The following is a post from Paul Young, Managing Partner of Young Klein & Associates, a criminal defense law firm located in Bucks County, PA.

Police images from your arrest for public drunkenness a few years back keeps showing up in search engine results and on mug shot websites all over the Internet. Your face is everywhere – along with your personal information. You contact the websites to take down the pictures, but they won’t budge. Some offer to remove them for a fee, but that’s sounds like extortion. Are mug shot websites breaking the law by profiting from your youthful indiscretions? Our criminal attorneys examine the relevant laws to find the truth. Continue reading

Breathalyzers, Blood Samples and Your Rights: Driving in New Jersey is Scary

The following is a guest post courtesy of Darwin Overson, a Salt Lake City DUI attorney.

DUI checkpoints, breathalyzers and field sobriety tests are all tactics employed by state and local police in New Jersey to detect those operating under the influence. How effective are these methods? Depends on who you ask and the type of equipment authorities use. On the heels of a judge’s ruling that overturned more than 20 alcohol-related convictions in neighboring Pennsylvania, police have reexamined their strategies for handling DUI suspects. Do you need a corresponding change to protect your rights? Our DUI lawyers explain. Continue reading