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Attention New Jersey Drivers: Increased Fines for Driving with Cell Phones

Cell phones can be immensely useful and entertaining — sometimes, to a dangerous extent. As cell phone use continues to rise, so do the potential hazards of distracted drivers getting behind the wheel. Effective beginning July of 2014, the state of New Jersey will impose increased fines for drivers talking or texting on mobile devices while driving.  What do you need to know about cell phone traffic violations and their penalties in New Jersey?

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New Jersey Doctor Loses License After Sexually Abusing Patient

The sexual abuse of a vulnerable patient is one of the most reprehensible and abhorrent forms of misconduct medical malpractice can take. This month, the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners ruled Flanders, New Jersey neurologist Dr. Jonathan Fellus abused a 33-year-old female patient suffering from a brain injury.  His medical license has been revoked, and will not be eligible for reinstatement for another three years.  Dr. Fellus is also facing a civil lawsuit.

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Massive DWI Checkpoint Stops 193 Drivers After NJ Concert

DWI and DUI checkpoints are a subject of ongoing controversy.  Their proponents feel they are a perfectly reasonable safety measure which curb fatalities and boost road safety.  Their detractors say they are invasive, unnecessary, and downright unconstitutional.  But, like it or not, such stops are upheld in New Jersey.  Last Sunday, a massive post-concert checkpoint screened nearly 200 motorists outside the PNC Bank Arts Center — but happily, resulted in no DWI arrests.  What should you do if you’re stopped at sobriety checkpoint in New Jersey? Continue reading

New York Man Breaks World Record (and Bank) with $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Lawsuit

We’ve all rolled our eyes at frivolous lawsuits, but this one really breaks the bank.  No — really.  Even the most outraged claimants tend to gain some embarrassed self-awareness around the nine-zero mark, but Anton Purisima has no patience for silly thousands, millions, or billions.  He wants undecillions.  Never heard of that word?  Don’t worry — that’s only because it’s a brain-melting eight levels above one trillion.  And Mr. Purisima would like two of them, please.

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Camden Woman Found Murdered in Monroe Township

Craigslist is to forums what Facebook is to social media: the undisputed king.  More than 60 million people from around the world browse through Craigslist every day, so of course, a few of them turn out to be dangerous.  But in an unlikely twist to the expected story, Craigslist itself wasn’t the fatal factor in this murder case: it was simply a link in a chain of tragic events.  A Camden woman was found murdered in Monroe Township after making arrangements to purchase a car via Craigslist. Though the suspects initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, they eventually confessed to burying Fatima Perez alive.

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Red Light Camera Ticket in New Jersey? You Could Be Refunded

It seems like a new technological innovation debuts just about every day.  While some of these debuts are received with joy and delight (finally, the perfect smartphone app!) others are met with groans of dismay.  For most people, red light cameras fall into the latter category.  Since their American debut in the early 1980s, red light cameras have come a long way; but they’re still not entirely perfect.  In light of allegations that cameras in some New Jersey towns ticketed drivers based on faulty readings — and that state officials were accepting bribes from the camera company — refunds may be in order for motorists unfairly charged with traffic violations.

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Perpetual Punishment and Poverty in New Jersey?

Does the Criminal Justice System Trap Young New Jerseyans in Unemployment?

There is currently a State Bill making its way through the legislature that would make it illegal for employers to ask job applicants about past arrests or convictions.  Bill S1484 would make make it explicitly illegal for companies with 15 or more employees to ask that question or conduct a criminal background check until after they have made them an employment.

But this as several other “ban the box” type of legislative measures have been birthed and died over the last several years.  As of now, we are in the same position we have always been.

On a National level, a recent study cited by stated that only 17% of whites with a criminal background received callbacks after an interview (vs. 34% who didn’t have criminal records) and 5% of blacks with criminal records (vs. 14% without criminal records).  The same article stated that 92% of employers ran background checks. Continue reading

New Jersey Democrats Propose Tighter Gun Controls

Gun control is a seemingly inexhaustible source of debate in the United States, including the state of New Jersey.  In the past, we’ve blogged about personalized smart guns making headway in the Garden State, and as technology advances, so does the potential for revised and increased gun legislation.  In the latest development, some New Jersey Democrats are proposing tighter controls on gun magazine capacities in an effort to stem the seemingly endless tide of shootings and violence which has rocked the country in recent years.

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PA Joins NJ and CA in Criminalizing “Revenge Porn”

Relationships can end poorly, but not necessarily with verbal arguments or divorce.  Occasionally, an embittered ex-lover seeks revenge by posting decidedly private content on the internet for nonconsensual public consumption.  Until recently, only California and New Jersey had any legislation addressing the issue of “revenge porn.”  But with the January passage of a new bill, Pennsylvania has recently become the nation’s third state to make sharing “revenge porn” a criminal offense.

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Why is Camden Consistently Ranked #1 for Crime in America?

Camden suffers from one of the worst reputations in America. There are countless anecdotes about police officers urging drivers to rush through red lights to avoid being attacked, or blatant drug deals happening at gas stations in broad daylight. But there’s an even darker aspect of the city’s badly-tarnished image: Philadelphia’s waterfront neighbor consistently ranks number one for violent crime in America. What’s going on in Camden?

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