What Happens if I Miss my Court Date?

Many people have asked what happens if I miss my court date?  In New Jersey like every state in the United States failing to appear in court when you are required to is a very serious matter and one that you should not take lightly. However, while being summoned to court is something you should never skip, there are reasons and excuses why a person may not be able to appear in court.   Continue reading

Can a Security Guard Arrest You?

It is a frequent theme in movies and television shows. A person slides a shirt or item into their bag and then casually tries to walk out of a store. Moments later a security guard springs across a table and tackles the person and places them in handcuffs. While the movies and television often make these scenes into pieces of comedy, for those who have been accused of shoplifting it is not laughing matter. People often ask if a security guard can actually arrest a person. While security guards are different from police officers, they are able to detain a person for a certain amount of time while they investigate if they have in fact shoplifted or if they are waiting for the police to show up to the store or location the security guard is working at.  This blog post will explore what an arrest is, how security guards differ from police officers, and what are the possible penalties and fines for shoplifting.   Continue reading

Do I Have to Disclose a Previous Arrest?

Everyone has a past, whether it is good or bad people say that their past follows them wherever they go. However, many people think that it is unfair if they have turned their lives around that they should have to be continually haunted by having an arrest on their criminal record. Many people in New Jersey find it hard to find decent employment when they have to disclose that they have been arrested. This blog post will explore what a person has to disclose when they are applying for a job.   Continue reading

New Jersey Pretrial Intervention Program and Expunging Records

Everyone knows that when you are arrested and convicted of a criminal offense, there are immediate and obvious penalties: jail or prison time, fines, and community service are common examples. However, if you are a first-time offender you may be qualified for a program known as Pretrial Intervention. This program may allow you to avoid paying certain fines, and can keep you from going to jail. The Pretrial Intervention Program can even keep the record of conviction from your criminal history. However, if you have gone through PTI you may want to explore having your criminal record expunged so that your criminal history does not reflect the original arrest which is not erased after successful completion of the Pretrial Intervention Program.

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Can I Expunge an Indictable Offense?

If you have a criminal conviction, fines and prison aren’t the only consequences. In addition to the official penalties ,which are imposed by the courts, former convicts are also punished by unfair treatment from society — even long after their fines have been paid and their sentences have been served. You might find that being convicted of a crime, no matter how long ago it occurred, is haunting you. Having a criminal history can make it difficult to apply for a job, get into a good school, apply for housing, and even make it difficult to apply for a loan. Even though both the federal and the state governments have designed anti-discrimination laws to try and level the playing field for those with a criminal history, the harsh reality is that many people with criminal pasts find their criminal record continually hinders their life.

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Can I Expunge a Municipal Ordinance Conviction?

How long should a prior New Jersey arrest, charge or conviction continue to negatively affect your life? If you have a criminal history you may feel that your past will never go away. You may be frustrated that a minor municipal offense is holding you back from the job of your dreams, or you did not get into the school you wanted to because of a mistake you made years ago. However, there is some good news. New Jersey allows certain crimes and convictions to be erased or expunged from your record.

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Can I Be Arrested for Not Paying Child Support?

In New Jersey, children are entitled to support from their parents. After a divorce, often one parent will have to make child support payments. How much each parent will have to pay is based on the theory that child support should be determined in proportion to the parents’ income and assets. Additionally, the child’s needs will be taken into account when determining how much child support should be paid. All parents have an obligation to support their child.  A support award can be increased or decreased as circumstances may arise.

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Can I Have My Disorderly Persons Conviction Expunged?

If you have been arrested and convicted of a crime you probably know that having a criminal record can haunt you forever. You may find it hard to apply for a job, for an education, housing, and even loans. Fortunately, there are ways that you can clear your criminal history and make your life a little easier. New Jersey allows a person who has not been involved in criminal activity for an extended amount of time erase or expunge their New Jersey criminal record. You may have been arrested and charged with a disorderly persons charge and now find that a minor lapse of judgment is haunting you from pursuing your goals.

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Can I Have My Juvenile Records Expunged in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, juvenile records are generally hidden from public view. However having a criminal record can follow you for years and make finding a job, applying to schools, applying for housing, and applying for loans difficult if not altogether impossible.  Many people solve this problem by having their criminal record cleared or expunged.   Continue reading