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Can I Expunge an Indictable Offense in New Jersey?

If you have a criminal conviction, fines and prison aren’t the only consequences. In addition to the official penalties ,which are imposed by the courts, former convicts are also punished by unfair treatment from society — even long after their fines have...

Can I Expunge a Municipal Ordinance Conviction in New Jersey?

How long should a prior New Jersey arrest, charge or conviction continue to negatively affect your life? If you have a criminal history you may feel that your past will never go away. You may be frustrated that a minor municipal offense is holding you back from the...

Can I Have My Disorderly Persons Conviction Expunged in New Jersey?

If you have been arrested and convicted of a crime you probably know that having a criminal record can haunt you forever. You may find it hard to apply for a job, for an education, housing, and even loans. Fortunately, there are ways that you can clear your criminal...

Can I Have My Juvenile Records Expunged in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, juvenile records are generally hidden from public view. However having a criminal record can follow you for years and make finding a job, applying to schools, applying for housing, and applying for loans difficult if not altogether impossible. ...

Motor Vehicle Accidents in Winter Conditions

Winter weather has arrived in New Jersey and bad weather conditions are commonly a factor in motor vehicle accidents. Snow and ice can reduce visibility  while simultaneously increasing stopping distances. Therefore, additional care must be exercised when driving...

Is It Possible To Expunge An Underage Drinking Citation in New Jersey?

The short answer to this question is yes, it is possible to expunge an underage drinking citation. However, certain conditions must be met in order for an expungement to be granted. In this article, juvenile crimes lawyer Joseph Lombardo will go over the penalties for...

What Differentiates Theft and Burglary in New Jersey?

This may come as a surprise to you, but theft and burglary are actually different crimes.  In this article, theft defense lawyer Joseph Lombardo will explain when these offenses can be charged, and which criminal penalties can be imposed if a defendant is...
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