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Why is Camden Consistently Ranked #1 for Crime in America?

Camden suffers from one of the worst reputations in America. There are countless anecdotes about police officers urging drivers to rush through red lights to avoid being attacked, or blatant drug deals happening at gas stations in broad daylight. But there’s an...

Proposed New Jersey Bill Targets Scrap Metal Theft

New Jersey State lawmakers issued revisions to a bill placing tougher requirements on scrap metal and recycling yards in an attempt to curb metal theft.  The bill, named A-3222, was revised last Monday and in a statement, state lawmakers said that they...

Municipal Courts in South Jersey

Over the course of my 19 years representing individuals in criminal, traffic, and general legal matters, I have appeared in many Municipal Courts across Southern New Jersey.  A former Municipal Court Prosecutor, I now bring my knowledge of the Municipal Court...

Controversial Camden business curfew gets a temporary delay

Camden businesses that were upset about having to close early because of a curfew on businesses got a temporary reprieve this morning.  A New Jersey Superior Court Judge granted an injunction against the police enforcement of the controversial order...

Camden is going to lay off their entire police department?

The recession may have caused another victim (although in this case, there might be a chicken or the egg argument to be made). You read that right, the Mayor of Camden announced Tuesday that the City would be dismantling its police force.  The city,...
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