Ask a Deptford, NJ Traffic Attorney: What are Surcharges?

New Jersey Traffic Surcharges

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission assess fines, named surcharges, on an annual basis for individuals who have been found guilty in certain types of traffic and criminal-related traffic matters.  Typical issues which can incur surcharges from the state include DUI, driving with a suspended license, a second(or more)-offense DWI, and accruing points on their license in excess of the threshold.  These state fines are above and outside of any court penalties or fines handed out at the time of a conviction of plea deal.  New Jersey drivers who have been slapped with these fines are charged annually.

How are these fines determined?

An individual’s driving record is reviewed every time events like a DUI, speeding ticket, or moving violation are added to your driving record.  If points are assessed by the Municipal Court Judge, these points can add up and make you vulnerable to having to pay the fees.  When you accrue six or more points on your license within three years from your last traffic violation, you will receive the penalty.  The payments are determined by the scale of a $150 charge for any points over the six point threshold and then a $25 fee for each additional point.

There are also flat rated additional penalites that can be tacked on in addition to the point system. For instance, you will incur a $100 penalty for driving without a license; a $250 fee for driving with a suspended  or operating an uninsured vehicle; $1,000 annually for a DUI for three years; and the same $1000 every year for three years for refusing to take a breathalyzer.

Ways to pay:

  1. Visit the State of New Jersey’s website for surcharges,
  2. MVC offices accept payments
  3. You can pay by credit card by calling the MVC toll-free phone number, (888)651-9999
  4. You can pay by check or money order by sending it to: New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, NJ-AISC P.O. Box 4850, Trenton, NJ 08650

What happens if you don’t pay?

If you don’t pay, the Motor Vehicle Commission will suspend your driver’s license and can file a lien against you and garnish your wages.  If you cannot pay the fees, you should try and work out a payment plan with the MVC.   If you have charges that resulted from your not paying a ticket or other legal issues such as a non-appearance in a summons, you should contact the court that handled the original matter.  You may be required to post bail and then be granted a court hearing date in order to resolve the original, outstanding traffic tickets or criminal-related traffic matters.

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