If you have been engaged in a child custody issue or would like to file your own child custody issue, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side.  There are a number of factors that a Court in New Jersey must weigh when making a determination regarding child custody.  The Law Offices of Joseph Lombardo has handled many child custody disputes in every county in Southern New Jersey.

It is Important to Understand the Factors Considered in Child Custody Disputes

In making custody decisions, the Court attempts to protect the children’s “best interests.”  Generally, this standard refers to a child’s safety, happiness, mental, physical, and moral welfare.  The wishes of one or both parents are not always taken into account.  It is important at the earliest possible point to retain an attorney experienced in handling child custody matters.  There are steps and precautions that are necessary to take leading up to a custody hearing.

A number of factors bear upon a determination of what is in a child’s best interest:

  • Parents’ ability to agree, communicate & cooperate in child-related matters
  • Stability of home environment offered by each parent
  • Number & ages of children
  • Interactions & relationship of the child with its parents & siblings
  • Parents’ willingness to accept custody
  • History of domestic violence
  • Fitness of parents
  • History of unwillingness to allow visitation
  • Safety of child & safety of either parent from physical abuse by other parent
  • Preference of child, if of sufficient age & capacity to reason to form an intelligent decision
  • Parents’ employment responsibilities
  • Quality and continuity of child’s education
  • Geographic proximity of parents’ homes
  • Extent & quality of time spent with a child prior to & subsequent to separation

Certain “informal” factors can also influence custody determinations:

Sometimes the most important factor in a Courts’ decision regarding a custody issue is identifying one parent who can demonstrate that they are the most likely to put aside personal differences and put the child first.  The parent who can demonstrate a sincere commitment to the child regardless of the disputes or contentions involved, can have an advantage in the process.   This factor coupled with a demonstration of a commitment to encourage and foster an appropriate relationship, regardless of the level of custody that is being sought, can also play into the custody determination.  The Law Offices of Joseph Lombardo can take the necessary steps to demonstrate to the Court that these criteria are being met and considered.


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