As part of our “FAQ” series, attorney Joseph Lombardo of the Lombardo Law Offices will answer questions related to traffic, criminal, divorce, business, and personal injury law.   Click each article title to see that page.


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Ask an Atlantic City, NJ Divorce Attorney – Do I Need a Prenup?

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Ask an Egg Harbor Township Attorney – What to Do if You Suffer an Injury on Vacation

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Ask a Hammonton, NJ Divorce Attorney – How is Alimony Determined?

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Ask a Hammonton, NJ Injury Attorney – What to Expect when Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Ask a Hammonton, NJ Attorney: Questions We Get Asked Often

Ask a Hammonton, NJ DUI Attorney: Interlocking Devices

Ask a Marlton, NJ Criminal Attorney: Making Terroristic Threats?

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Ask a Toms River, NJ Criminal Attorney: Legal Consultation

Ask a Toms River, NJ Divorce Attorney: Sole Custody

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